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Regardless of the material, color, and structure you decide to use for the core of your kitchen cabinets or wardrobes another important thing to keep in mind is the surface finishes that you see on the outside. As it will determine the functionality and look that you are trying to achieve. Classy cabinet finishes make your home look like an elegant place to love and live in. The right choice of materials like acrylic sunmica sheets or PVC laminate sheets will define the character and style of your home interiors, and we’re here to help you with all the research for home décor.

Acrylic finish laminate and PVC laminates are a few of the common yet very popular options when it comes to kitchen cabinets. As a product, they both confer many differences, especially on the bases of soberness, durability, and pricing. Let’s understand these two finishes and understand them better.

Advance Laminate provides world-class PVC Laminates at affordable prices. PVC Laminates have two types of PVC Laminates One is 1.25MM DESIGNER PVC Laminates.

1.25MM DESIGNER PVC Laminates: This laminate is the best option to decorate dusty areas & in Indian weather conditions. This is a completely reusable & recycled laminate and high resistance to fire.

3MM PVC MARBLE SHEETS: This is the complete replacement solution for wallpaper, cement-based wall paneling, paint, wooden wall paneling, stone, & marble.

What is an Acrylic finish?

Acrylic finish is similar to the lacquer which is made with non-toxic elements and its reflective high gloss can give a very smooth look to your kitchen cabinetries. It is even available in a wide variety of colors and different forms of the sheet. 

What is a PVC Laminate finish?

PVC Laminate is made with composite artificial material majorly used in carpentry work like furniture of beds, doors, and modular kitchens. It is generally prepared by pressing flat paper and plastic resin in different layers. The uppermost layer is deliberately covered with a decorative pattern or color.

Basis  Acrylic Laminate
Look and Feel  Acrylic laminate is usually considered for high-end kitchens. It adds to the looks of the space and makes the space bigger. Laminate finish has more variety of texture like matte, gloss, natural, and wooden textures. Therefore, the visual appearance & feel of laminate is more muted. 
Colour and Variety acrylic finish laminate are widely in solid and vital colours and also it help in retaining the colour over the time.  PVC laminates ranges from matte, gloss, high gloss, and different natural textures such as stone and wood. 
Maintenance Due to its gloss nature, handprints are easily visible on them and they require regular cleaning.  PVC laminate sheets are low maintenance.
Durability Acrylic finishes are scratch-resistant and do not delaminate over the years maintaining glossy appearance overtime.  Laminates are heat, UV light, and moisture resistance and can be treated for anti-bacterial properties. 
Cost Acrylic cabinets are usually more costly compared to the laminate despite their seamless aesthetics and long durability.  But laminates sheets are providing more wide variety in budget price. 
Availability They are widely available and in good range mostly in solid colours but it’s not available in new patterns or textures. These are available in a wide range of solid colours, patterns, textures like metallic and wood look-alike finishes.
Environmental impact Considered to be non-toxic Resins and binders could be used while making process can cause minimal amounts of off-gassing.
Repairs Replacing and reframing acrylic usage after several years depends on the availability of the same sheet.  Replacing a laminated sheets after years is not much a task. However, the replacement will appear to be brighter and cleaner than the older. 

Acrylic or Laminate: What’s Your Choice?

As highlighted above, both options can work well but in different circumstances and when used in varied places. You have to choose wisely by seeing its properties and nature, hence it is difficult to tag and say which is the best. However, we cannot comment or suggest from our experience if you are someone who would like both or what is your budget for acrylic. So we can offer a solution wherein that case, you can think about using the acrylic finish in above shutters but laminates on the under-counter cabinets. 

As we suggest using an acrylic laminate on the overhead cabinets, it adds to the aesthetics and visual appearance of the kitchen. To complement the acrylic, you can use laminates on the under-counter cabinets because it requires less maintenance and also contains antibacterial properties.

If you are confused about playing with different materials and someone how needs help with decorating your kitchens, please reach out to Advance Laminate where we offer everything you need and we would be happy to help you buy laminate sheets or acrylic finish laminate!

Laminates are high-quality, one-of-a-kind, and come in a variety of styles from which to choose for a great feel and look in your home. Every laminate surface texture coordinates with the pattern on the décor paper. As a result, you get a design that you can feel and touch.

Textured/Synchronized laminates are becoming increasingly popular for turning an average abode into a fabulous living space with class and style. Increasingly more trendy, textured, and embossed laminates can add a layer of sophistication to any design theme. 

Synchronized laminates are a modern type of decorative laminate that resembles real wood. The technology used creates an unrivaled natural appearance. These laminates are specially designed with embossed surfaces that closely resemble the actual wood grain pattern. The best thing about synchronized laminates is that you can really feel the natural wood grain texture which is best to be used as kitchen laminate. Build a distinctive character for each and every design in your living space with laminates. The best thing when using synchronized laminates is that they are immune to damage and easy to maintain.

Synchronized Laminates are embellished laminates with textures that give a refined tactile feel. The laminates explore multiple mediums to enhance that particular feel. The surface texture is seamlessly synchronized with the decor patterns and this effortless synchronization makes the laminates indistinguishable from solid. woods and veneers.

 Benefits Of Synchronised Laminates

  • It is an excellent substitute for natural veneer because it has the same appearance and feel.
  • Synchronized laminates are environmentally friendly because they tend to be a natural veneer.
  • Coordinated laminates have a much lower maintenance cost than natural veneer.
  • Synchronized laminates outlast conventional laminates, have a natural wood texture, and are highly resistant to burns and strains.
  • Premium texture with a high degree of precision in the patterning of each individual laminate.

At Advance Laminate, our range of synchronized laminates (also known as embossed in register laminates) is the highest quality of textured laminates and hpl exterior cladding in the market. While the other types of embossed laminate feature textures and might allow the eye into seeing a surface grain with its indentations, it doesn’t provide the look and feel of authentic real wood that synchronized laminates give.

The embossing of synchronized laminates is done not just with random bumps or waviness, but in a deliberate and specific way. Although regular embossed laminate does have a texture to them, the grains don’t match up with the grooves of the printed grain. 

The embossed lines of the regular laminates run down almost parallel to each other and don’t provide a synchronized texture with how it visually looks. A key feature of synchronized laminates is the texture and grains match the grooves and wood pattern. This allows a dramatic level of realism that doesn’t just look like real wood, but also feels like authentic timber!

What you get from Advance Laminate are precisely textured laminates that follow each contour, groove, and edge of the laminate pattern that showcases realistic definition for both the eyes and the touch. From genuine country style to contemporary teak wood, synchronized laminates help to replicate a level of sophistication and realism.

If you are looking to transform your home or corporate office with earthly tones, make a distinctive statement by choosing synchronized by Advance Laminates where we give only a touch on the elegance and realism of our synchronized laminates.

You can discover the different products like normal laminates and our premium collection before heading to the decision with our consultants on hand to guide you through the selection process, understand the best ways to use synchronized laminates to give your space the sophisticated and elegant transformation it deserves!

Super Matt Laminate from Advance Decorative Laminates can revolutionize the decor of your living spaces. It offers an array of beautiful designs. To discuss your requirements or learn more about our products, simply call 18001034740 | +91 9821698171, or email us at: [email protected].

Incepted in the year 2016, Advance Laminate is a leading manufacturing company of PVC laminate and Decorative Laminate. Splendid in 1,50,000 sq ft robust manufacturing units endowed with latest technologies, they manufacture laminates that are not just economical, but also an unparalleled design element that can add character to any décor. Advance Laminate comes under the Umbrella of Amba Industries, and has set a quality benchmark in the interior designing industry.

With the team of skilled technicians to ensure the scientific quality control batch to batch, Advance Laminate offers a wide range of Laminate Sheets and quality Plywood. Here is a list of products that we offer:

Decorative Laminates/ MICA: With exotic designs, superior quality, and durability, a pocket-friendly solution for your home/office space. They are resistant to surface wear, immersion in boiling water, dry heat, impact by small dye, Ball, cigarette burns, staining, scratches, color change in xenon light. Our Decorative Laminates or MICA are further categorised into the following:

  • MM laminate: We have named the collection of our signature décor laminates called the Advance Emporio. 1MM laminate which is also known as High pressure laminate gives the feel and aesthetics of veneer while preserving the versatility and advantages that laminates offer. These are best used in Kitchen renovations and construction.
  • 0.8 MM laminate: These laminates are hard and a brittle sheet to overlay on wooden furniture which gives them more fine and attractive looks. They are best suited to wall paneling, column claddings, wardrobes, shelves, home & office furniture, doors, cubicles, and other areas in terms of application.
  • Door Skin: Advance Laminate offers a best and a lifetime solution to have classy yet durable doors, the Door Skin laminates. They are the best for covering the doors beautifully with minimum wastage.
  • Digital Laminate: Our Digital Laminates are an unbeatable solution for interior decor such as wardrobe, dining table, working counter, and wall paneling. This is a one-stop resource of quality for architects, designers, and manufacturers of modern interior.

Plywood: With the range which is quite affordable and best out of its quality, Advance Plywoods are great to use in commercial and residential projects. Further our Plywood can be categorised as following:

  • Film Faced shuttering Plywood: Our these plywoods are being extensively used widely shuttering in construction of bridges, flyovers, metro projects, shipbuilding, water tanks, cooling towers, all high rise buildings, etc., which need maximum strength and security.
  • Block Board: Generally used to make wardrobe doors, doors, panelling, and partition walls, these block boards are durable and safe against borers. They are made out of the excellent quality of Plantation Timbers, this product is worth every penny.
  • Flush Door: With extra lock rail that provides sufficient strength to handles and knobs, Our FLush doors are resistant to fungus, termite, and borer. Advance’s flush doors offer a variety of designs and decorative finishes. These doors provide an attractive, warm and traditional appearance.

PVC Laminates: With quite affordable prices with yet modern minimalist design, Advance PVC Laminates are one of its kind. Our PVC laminate features a solid colour throughout the material that makes it ideal for use as counters, reception desks, house furniture, etc.

Bollywood celebrities like Anant Mahadevan, Mahima Chaudhary, Kiku Sharda, Shishir Sharma, Rakesh Bedi, Manish Thakur and Anand Desai are associated with Advance Laminate and are very happy to promote our PVC laminates. With the best quality, customised solutions, concept of spaces in accordance with clients and supremely affordable prices, Advance Laminate is a one stop solution to all your worries for your home and space.

Customers are the resource and assets of the organization upon which the organizational success depends. Without customers, organizations would not exist. Celebrity branding or celebrity endorsement of a company’s product is effective largely because celebrities have the potential to reach a large number of prospective consumers. Reach can be loosely defined as the number of people that have seen and/or heard the brand’s intended message at least once.

A number of such big celebrities like Anant Mahadevan, Mahima Chaudhary, Kiku Sharda, Shishir Sharma, Rakesh Bedi, Manish Thakur and Anand Desai are associated with Advance Laminate and are very happy to promote our PVC laminates. Not because they play just the role of our Brand Ambassador but also because they strongly feel that Brand is of that stature that they feel proud to be associated with it. Here we have tried to compile a few reasons why Advance Laminate is the choice of Bollywood:

Glorious Brand Image: Every Celebrity wants to promote or get associated with companies who have a reputation in the market. As celebrities have a face value so does a brand and their concern is always to be associated with reputed companies and brands. Advance Laminate’s Laminate sheets have set a quality benchmark in the interior designing industry. It offers some of the finest grade compact and durable laminates in India.

Work ethics and Values: Our Celebrities do feel that they have a connection to the company’s vision, mission, aims and objectives. Advance laminates is a result oriented Company that creates value based association amongst the business circle and a sense of expansion and reward among the end user by exhibiting the best product which will be affordable, best quality, on time delivery, genuine product. And that is exactly what our ambassadors choose to do with their commitments.

Quality Product and Infrastructure: Our Celebrities have used our products and hence they know what they are promoting amongst their fan following. The quality products of Advance Laminate speak for themselves. Also the facilities in which these products like Laminate sheets are being manufactured are as per the guidelines. The 1,50,000 sq ft robust manufacturing unit is endowed with the latest technologies. Advance Laminate is the name reckoned with international quality and superlative design.

Recognitions: The celebrities are always conscious of the products which they are promoting, hence it becomes very important for them to have the backing of reputed and authentic certifications agencies who assure that the company is manufacturing quality products which are safe for both the customers and the environment. Advance Laminate is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. The company is equipped with an excellent team of experienced professionals, the latest communication networks and a management culture which believes in giving superior services to the customers. The company holds various certifications and recognitions from reputed Certifying Agencies of India and World.

As it is important for the brand to select the right Celebrity, it becomes very important for the Celebrities also to select a Brand which has a reputation in the market and is doing fair and justice for its customers in terms of quality, service and ethics of business.

PVC laminates are multi-layered laminate sheets based on Poly Vinyl Chloride, made by compressing paper and plastic resins under high pressure and temperature. They are used as a decorative layer on top of raw surfaces such as plywood.

Today PVC Laminate is one emerging name which is very popular in Interior designing segment. Be it home, offices, multiplexes and other spaces, PVC laminate is one of the most asked choices. 

Characteristics of PVC Laminate:

1.            They come in range from .05mm to 2mm in thickness.
2.            They are flexible and can bend up to 90 degrees.
3.            They come in Matt, Gloss, Metal and Ultra Gloss finishes.
4.            They come in textures of Wood, Stone and Leather.
5.            The material is versatile and comes in various colors, patterns and textures

Many of us thinks that they PVC Laminates. is a little expensive affair. The fact is that yes PVC Laminate is somewhat on a higher edge of cost but there are many Pros which makes them yet a sustainable and best option for your spaces. They come with so many advantages over the other substitutes/ options available in the market that they are worth every single penny you spend on them. Here we have enlisted some of the fact checked plus points why one should go for PVC Laminates.

1.            They don’t get affected by water, heat, corrosion and termites.

2.            They have anti-bacterial properties which have resistance to harmful bacteria.

3.            They are more durable and go on for years.

4.            They are scratch free and very easy to clean.

5.            Their maintenance is very low.

6.            They are much more budget friendly.

7.            They are environment friendly as they cause minimal amount of off gassing.

They just not are too good to resist based on the above-mentioned points but also because they increase the aesthetic appeal. They are perfect choice for your office cabinets, modular kitchen units, wardrobes, furniture and doors. Yes, they may act as a burden on your pocket, if you don’t consider the factors before buying them. Being an aware customer is all you need before investing into PVC laminate. Always take care of a. the kind of PVC laminate to be installed into the space, like Glossy laminate are great for kitchen units but office space needs to be made in matt finish. B. Carefully consider and weigh factors such as the look and feel, ease of maintenance, suitability, and price.

Advance Laminate is well known for their fresh waterproof, termite-proof, and 100% lead-free PVC laminates. With the modern minimalist design, their PVC Laminate is budget friendly. They are the leading PVC coated MDF, White PVC laminate and PVC Veneer Laminate manufacturers. They offer the best quality PVC which makes it ideal for use as counters, reception desks, house furniture, etc. Different colors, patterns, textures and wide range of variety makes Advance Laminate your one stop point to shop for the best interior designing.  

The biggest question when you are renovating your home, repainting it or simply selecting accent pieces to decorate it, there is one question that bothers everyone is should we keep it Matt or Glossy. So let’s first understand super matt Laminates. The matt laminate is more of a ‘natural’ look that provides a softer look, as it can produce lower contrast on darker colors. The texture of a matt laminate is velvety, which makes it a pleasant handling experience for numerous users. Matte surfaces are great for giving your home a rustic or traditional look. It is suited for a darker aesthetic


             1.       The Scratches and imperfections in Matt laminates are not visible easily

             2.       They diffuse light and add richness to your space.

             3.       They add smooth and subtle finish, without any shine.

             4.       Since there is no reflection of light, there is increased color consistency, making the color appear smoother

             5.       They look rich and attractive.


           1.   Bedrooms and Living rooms: These are the places where you spend the most of your time in home. So using super matt  laminates helps you eyes in soothing and relaxation. Also being super durable, you need not to change them quite often.

          2.   Wardrobes: The wardrobes are used harshly and very carelessly in our homes, so matt laminates offer you good quality aesthetic looks in economic ways to build your wardrobes.

        3.   Doors: If you choose Matt laminate for doors the benefit you get is they are better suited to a traditional decor theme. They make the marks and scratches less noticeable. Matt laminate is excellent choice for busy, family kitchens where small children may bang the doors with their toy truck, or clumsy teenagers are stomping around the room.

        4.   Kitchen cabinets: The matt surface of the cabinets will not as easily show any imperfections, smudges, stains or fingerprints. This is all thanks to the absence of light being reflected on the surface. It blends well with the glossy stove tops and tiles of your kitchen.

        5.   Tops (Work, Desk and Table): Matt laminates provides a very contemporary, modern, individual and fresh look to your work, desk and table tops. It creates a muted texture for a pared-back scheme. It is very easy to keep clean and goes well with the trend. They are low-maintenance option which is mostly on the top priority list of interior designers. 

        6.   Flooring: The matte finish laminates are perfect choice for flooring as they are completely lustreless and non shiny, they are scratch resistant. They suit well for all types of furniture as well. They are durable and require less maintenance.

    Advance Laminate manufacture good quality and précised engineered laminate sheets with an anti-fingerprint surface along with a smooth satin finish. The Decorative laminates are highly resistant to scratches and are available in a wide range of colors. The technology used makes the surface trendy super-matt. You can find variety of these super matt laminates within your budget here.

Home is where heart is, it is that one place where you always come at the end of the day weather it is good or bad. Also your home should tell the story of what you are. Decorating your house is something which you can’t just do once and settle down. It is an ongoing process.

There are some areas which are done for durability, sustainability and according to trends which are in. Laminates are one such decision which can highly impact the interiors and exteriors of your home. PVC laminates are a great choice when it comes to all kind of projects be it residential or commercial and for all types of elements be it flooring to furniture.

But how to choose the best decorative PVC Laminate it itself a great challenge. With so many brands and their marketing campaigns hovering around you, it becomes a great task to find that one brand which offers good quality, great styles and is light on pocket. So here we are sharing with you 3 critical things while you select the Decorative PVC Laminate.

 1.  Durability: This is the first and foremost standard that you should check while choosing one for your home. As we go for the best cement, bricks, wall paints based on their durability, so the PVC laminates should be also selected on the basis of their durability. Durability depends upon their resistance to fire, moisture, termite, water, scratches, abrasion, borer, corrosion, stain and bacteria. One should always invest in the laminate which is highly durable in nature.  

2.  NON TOXIC: A home is always a place where your kids, the elders and your pets have the best time. It is very important thus to choose laminate which is nontoxic. They should be free from all kinds of dangers like lead, toxins, harmful chemicals, emissions and gases. In the industries like Hospitals and Laboratories it is also very crucial to take care of such alarming situations.

3.  Cost Effective: Another important and critical aspect while choosing a Laminate is its cost efficiency. With so many brands and their different qualities in the picture, it becomes very difficult to choose the best product available at the best price. So while choosing the laminate, keep in mind the services that the brand is providing at the time or sale and in form of after sale services. The product should justify the cost it possesses. It could be also determined in form of wear and tear, maintenance, guarantee and warrantee.


Advance Laminates offers a wide range of PVC Laminate that is suitable for your residential and commercial spaces. Manufactured under high pressure, the PVC laminates are Durable, Nontoxic, cost effective, easy on maintenance and packed with stylish designs. They offer variety of this product for its various purposes like office cabinets, modular kitchens, furnishing elements, walls, wardrobes, windows and door decors.

As we are growing in the era of fast changing technologies and improving standard of livings, decorating your home and commercial spaces is a challenge. There are so many options available in the market for your interior designing that you may go crazy what to select and what not. While shopping for your interior decors, have you heard of the PVC Laminates??? They are available in a range of decorative patterns and colors, today these laminates form the surface of a lot more products than you can imagine. The most commonly used finishing layer for MDF, plywood, particle board, wooden furniture, wall panels and flooring are laminates.

They come mainly in five types:

  1. Decorative Laminates
  2. Industrial Laminates
  3. Compact Laminates
  4. Post formed Laminates
  5. High pressure and Low Pressure Laminates

Laminate sheets not only help you to increase the vibe of the space but also add to the durability of the unit. PVC is widely used for office cabinets, modular kitchen units, wardrobes, furniture, and even doors.

Why you should go for PVC Laminates?? Here are some amazing sides of them you should know:

  1. They are more durable than the other substitutes available.
  2. They are economical and long lasting
  3. They are impervious to heat, corrosion, termites and water.
  4. They can be treated to have antibacterial properties.
  5. They are scratch-resistant, and easy to clean.
  6. They come in matte, metal and gloss finishing.
  7. They come in various colors, patterns and textures

Following are some points which one should pay attention to while choosing the best PVC Laminates:

  1. Always take note of the maintenance, sustainability and price of the one which you are planning to buy.
  2. They vary from each other when it comes to using them in Domestic or Commercial spaces. So choose wisely according to the need that you wish to serve.
  3. Laminate sheets with antibacterial properties are great to use in Kitchens.
  4. Marine Plywood makes a perfect fit for the areas where water resistance is main concern.
  5. Carefully consider the weigh factor i.e. Look and Feel.
  6. A textured laminate sheet is less prone to scratches but is hard to clean.
  7. Glossy or ultra-glossy sheets are best for Kitchen and Wardrobes but for modern sheen, Matte finish is the best.
  8. Closely consider the finishes, size, durability, cost, installation, repair and maintenance, replacement.
  9. The most important point is you should be vigil enough When to Opt and Avoid.


Advance Laminates mark their journey in 2016, under Amba Group (established in 1991) offers some of the finest grade compact and durable laminates in India. Their laminates are not just economically great but also suitable for any kind of interiors. Their client base is of architects, interior designers and consumers. Your laminates can also be customized to complement the color and theme of your interior. So if you are planning to make some major renovations in terms of interiors, give Advance Laminates a chance and feel the joy of best results and enhanced visual appeal of your space.

Advance Lam provides to its customers with a range of products including plywood, PVC laminates and decorative laminates for the purpose of using them in both commercial and residential spaces. Advance Lam’s plywood is one strong material which can hold on for ages without any wear and tear. Advance lam has categories of plywood like film faced plywood, block board, flush door and advance plywood for different purposes.

To know how you can get furniture of your choice of modern style using plywood, here’s what you should know about Advance Lam’s range of plywood and choose for yourself the best kind of modern plywood that suits your needs.

At Advance Lam, the manufacturing process brings out the best quality plywood which also have several benefits like reduction in expansion and shrinkage and improved dimensional stability. The plywood at Advance lam has minimum 8 to 9 layers of core veneers, pressed in high pressure pressing machine. This type of plywood is manufactured to have a smooth film coating on both sides of the faces.

Here’s a variety of modern style plywood by Advance Lam that you should know about:

Waterproof plywood

The waterproof plywood is used during construction, primarily for cement formworks or concrete purpose. Advance Decorative Laminates offer two types of Plywood viz., 18 mm plywood and 12 mm plywood.

Laminated Plywood

The laminated plywood is highly durable and adds a certain aesthetic to furniture. It can be used as kitchen plywood. All kinds of plywood at Advance Lam are made with Indian Industry standards.

Commercial plywood 

The Commercial plywood is perfect for domestic and commercial settings. It is pocket friendly as well.

MDF plywood 

The MDF plywood are economically affordable and hard-wearing that offers supreme strength and adds a charisma to modern, urban living.

Still looking for modern style plywood, try Advance lam that provides you with high quality and long lasting plywood.Give yourself a try and visit Advance Laminates on [email protected] to check out a vast variety of laminates and plywood. You can also call us on +91-9821698171 , 0120-4021709 for more information.

When undergoing kitchen renovation, we often get confused on what to choose? Is it particle board? Is it PVC Laminate? Uff, confuses a lot, right? With the right product comes the right choice. We also want products that are cheap yet durable and attractive but often get confused on how to find them! Advance laminates is the right place for you if you are looking to renovate your kitchen cabinets and are confused between choosing Particle board or PVC laminate.

Let’s know what particle board is:

It is a most commonly used material that is used to make furniture pieces like cabinets. Since it is made of adhesives of solid wood, it is cheap and easy to install. You can easily move them around your house when needed as they are light in weight. Particle boards can be customized easily. You just have to glue them with a plastic laminate or a veneer sheet.

With many benefits come disadvantages as well. Because these are light weight and made of adhesives, they are prone to humidity which makes them for a wrong choice for places like kitchen, bathroom or balcony that are prone to water or humidity. These are not very durable and one has to handle them with care in order to not break them, so installing them in kitchen will not be a very wise choice. They do not support heavy material and break under pressure. They tend to lose their durability in a short time and they cannot go along for over 2-3 years. Choosing them for a shorter period of time can be wise but for areas like kitchen, that is used on a daily basis would turn out to be a big mistake.

Why choose PVC laminates for Kitchen Cabinets?

PVC laminates are the multilayered laminate sheets based on Poly Vinyl Chloride. These are made by pressuring layers of plastic resins and compressing paper under high temperature. These are used as decorative surface by gluing them on raw Plywood surfaces.

These are available in two forms: PVC hollow boards, which are hollow from inside and PVC foam board which are thicker and sturdier in nature. PVC hollow boards have low thermal resistance and cannot bare strength which makes them non-durable. On the other hand, PVC foam boards are thick and can stand weight of products on it which makes them durable.

Before choosing PVC boards for your kitchen cabinets, let us tell you why you should choose them. 

These are economical and cheaper which makes them a considerable choice for kitchen cabinets. You can choose PVC board as it is durable and can stand the weight put upon them. They are easy to install as they are available in a variety of colors and come in ready-to-fit boards and lacks any additional fixing. They do not require any maintenance and are resistant to termites. You can always replace them and change your cabinets to give them a new look whenever you want.

Why you should not choose them?

PVC laminates are not completely fire-resistant. They can catch fire easily. They are also thermal resistant. So if you choose them for your kitchen cabinets, be aware always. Their screws loosen with time that result in sagging which makes their holding power comparatively weak. You can never use any sharp material to clean them as PVC laminates are made of plastic and can scratch easily.

You can choose whichever you want. We at Advance laminates would suggest that if you want to go for cheap kitchen laminate installation, go for PVC laminates as they are slightly more durable and stronger than particle boards. To know more, you can visit us on [email protected] or you can call us on +91-9821698171 , 0120-4021709.