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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Laminates?

Laminates are durable with zero maintenance cost. Laminate sheets are easy to clean and are a cost-effective alternative to wood. They are strong and resistant to high temperatures and pressure, water, fire, chemicals, graffiti, scratches, smudging, and stains.

Why should you consider Advance Laminates?

Advance Laminates has set a quality benchmark in the interior designing industry. Incepted in 2016, the company is headquartered in Hapur and is a subsidiary of the highly renowned Amba Group (established in 1991). Our textured, feature-rich, high quality & luxuriously designed laminates has enhanced the visual appeal of 50,000+ spaces till date.

What are the qualities of these Laminates?

Abrasion-proof, Heat-resistant, Water-resistant, durability and Impact-resistant are some of the qualities that set our Laminates apart from others. They are available in different texture- matte, gloss, and high-gloss and decorative base- plain, wooden, and stone finish.

How to take care of Laminates?

Just a gentle scrubbing for a couple of minutes is efficient in removing stains from decorative laminates. Never flood Laminate sheets with water. Always use a clean and damp, non-abrasive cotton cloth along with a mild liquid detergent to wipe it. Only use round drills for the purpose of drilling.

What is the warranty period of these Laminates?

The Laminates will be eligible for replacement in case of a manufacturing defect only if the original bill is obtained, the purchase was not done with an authorized dealer and the installation was done incorrectly. We offer 15-year, 20-year, 25-year, and 30-year warranties based on the type of product purchased.

What type of Laminate is best for outdoors?

Advance exterior laminate or High-Pressure Laminates are highly durable and can withstand years of outside use. They are resistant to high temperatures and pressure, water, fire, chemicals, graffiti, and scratches. These laminate sheets are specially designed to beautify your exteriors and are best suited for exterior walls. balconies, entrances, and gates

What type of laminate is best for indoors?

Advance Decorative Laminates offers the best grade PVC Laminates that can transform any indoor area. Advance laminate offers a wide range of solid, wooden, and stone finishes that can complement any decor. Water, stains, and fire-resistant laminates best work for kitchens, bathrooms, and offices.

How to choose a Laminate?

Laminates can be differentiated by their texture- matte, gloss, and high-gloss and decorative base- plain, wooden, and stone finish. To make a combination always pair a pot solid colour with a subtle one, a light wooden finish laminate, or a pattern. It is best to use gloss laminates for wall units in bathrooms and kitchens.

How durable are laminates?

Advance laminates are fairly durable and scratch-resistant. They are more resistant to heat, moisture, water, and tear compared to veneer and plywoods. These laminates require low maintenance and have a long life span if installed correctly.

What are the best places to use Advance PVC laminates?

PVC Laminate sheets can be used as a decorative layer on top of raw surfaces such as plywood. Advance Decorative Laminates offers the best grade PVC Laminates that can transform any commercial or residential place to a whole new look. PVC laminates are best suited for office cabinets, modular kitchen units, wardrobes, furniture, and even doors.

Do Laminates have advantages over veneers?

Laminates are a step ahead of Veneers for home decor, aesthetics, affordability, and ease of maintenance. A veneer sheet may bubble or warp due to moisture or heat exposure, but laminates are durable, strong, and resistant to heat and moisture. They are low maintenance ad have endless design options as well.

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