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Particle Board Vs PVC Laminate For Kitchen Cabinets

When undergoing kitchen renovation, we often get confused on what to choose? Is it particle board? Is it PVC Laminate? Uff, confuses a lot, right? With the right product comes the right choice. We also want products that are cheap yet durable and attractive but often get confused on how to find them! Advance laminates is the right place for you if you are looking to renovate your kitchen cabinets and are confused between choosing Particle board or PVC laminate.

Let’s know what particle board is:

It is a most commonly used material that is used to make furniture pieces like cabinets. Since it is made of adhesives of solid wood, it is cheap and easy to install. You can easily move them around your house when needed as they are light in weight. Particle boards can be customized easily. You just have to glue them with a plastic laminate or a veneer sheet.

With many benefits come disadvantages as well. Because these are light weight and made of adhesives, they are prone to humidity which makes them for a wrong choice for places like kitchen, bathroom or balcony that are prone to water or humidity. These are not very durable and one has to handle them with care in order to not break them, so installing them in kitchen will not be a very wise choice. They do not support heavy material and break under pressure. They tend to lose their durability in a short time and they cannot go along for over 2-3 years. Choosing them for a shorter period of time can be wise but for areas like kitchen, that is used on a daily basis would turn out to be a big mistake.

Why choose PVC laminates for Kitchen Cabinets?

PVC laminates are the multilayered laminate sheets based on Poly Vinyl Chloride. These are made by pressuring layers of plastic resins and compressing paper under high temperature. These are used as decorative surface by gluing them on raw Plywood surfaces.

These are available in two forms: PVC hollow boards, which are hollow from inside and PVC foam board which are thicker and sturdier in nature. PVC hollow boards have low thermal resistance and cannot bare strength which makes them non-durable. On the other hand, PVC foam boards are thick and can stand weight of products on it which makes them durable.

Before choosing PVC boards for your kitchen cabinets, let us tell you why you should choose them. 

These are economical and cheaper which makes them a considerable choice for kitchen cabinets. You can choose PVC board as it is durable and can stand the weight put upon them. They are easy to install as they are available in a variety of colors and come in ready-to-fit boards and lacks any additional fixing. They do not require any maintenance and are resistant to termites. You can always replace them and change your cabinets to give them a new look whenever you want.

Why you should not choose them?

PVC laminates are not completely fire-resistant. They can catch fire easily. They are also thermal resistant. So if you choose them for your kitchen cabinets, be aware always. Their screws loosen with time that result in sagging which makes their holding power comparatively weak. You can never use any sharp material to clean them as PVC laminates are made of plastic and can scratch easily.

You can choose whichever you want. We at Advance laminates would suggest that if you want to go for cheap kitchen laminate installation, go for PVC laminates as they are slightly more durable and stronger than particle boards. To know more, you can visit us on [email protected] or you can call us on +91-9821698171 , 0120-4021709.

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