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Everything You Need to Know About How to Clean Sunmica


Today, in most houses and offices, furniture is made of Sunmica due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. Sunmica is a laminate material that adds elegance and sophistication to your furniture and interior spaces. It is very essential to preserve the beauty of sunmica surfaces, as it impacts the overall aesthetic appeal of your space. With proper care and maintenance techniques, you can maintain the pristine appearance of Sunmica for years to come. Advance Laminates is a prominent name in the laminate industry as they manufacture laminates of the best quality for your furniture pieces. In this blog, you will learn how to clean sunmica surfaces to keep them looking their best.


After installing laminate materials in your spaces, it is important to know the maintenance tips for laminate surfaces so that the surface maintains its beauty and functionality for years. In these maintenance tips, you will learn how to clean sunmica at home without causing damage to the surface. By regularly following the maintenance tips, you can preserve the integrity of Sunmica surfaces over time. Cleaning is a major task for homeowners, as it impacts their overall aesthetic appeal. Sunmica becomes a preferred choice for busy households as it requires only simple cleaning and maintenance.

What Sunmica is?

Sunmica is a brand of laminate material that is used in interior design and furniture manufacturing. It is constructed from multiple layers of kraft paper that have been soaked with resin and compressed under extreme heat and pressure. Sunmica are structures with beautiful patterns, textures, or colors on the top layer, and structural support is provided by the lower levels. It is well renowned for being resilient to stains and scratches. The sheet takes little upkeep; all that is needed to eliminate dirt is to wipe it off with a moist towel or a sunmica stain remover. It can also be used for various purposes, including wall panels, doors, tables, and kitchen countertops. There are numerous patterns to choose from, including solid hues, woodgrain finishes, and stone textures.

Importance of proper cleaning and maintenance sunmica

Proper cleaning and maintenance of Sunmica is important for maintaining their appearance and longevity. The regular cleaning of sunmica sheets helps to remove dirt and stains and protects the aesthetic appeal of surfaces. If you avoid cleaning and maintaining the sunmica, then it will lead to scratches and stains on the surface. If you keep Sunmica surfaces clean, you can protect them from damage and also extend their lifespan. In the kitchen and bathroom, hygiene is paramount, so sunmica sheet cleaner helps to eliminate bacteria and germs that accumulate on the surfaces. Additionally, regular maintenance of the sunmica reduces the requirement for a costly replacement.

Materials needed for cleaning Sunmica

The list of materials that you’ll need to clean the Sunmica surface is as follows:

  1. Use a gentle or non-abrasive cleaner specifically formulated for cleaning laminate surfaces.
  2. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the Sunmica finish.
  3. Use warm water with detergent or cleaner to create a cleaning solution. Warm water and cleaners will remove dirt more effectively than cold water.
  4. Use a dry cloth to dry the Sunmica surface after cleaning. This will help to prevent water spots on the surface.

By using these materials, you will learn how to clean Sunmica furniture at home.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Clean Sunmica

  1. Before you clean the Sunmica, you should gather all the materials that are required to clean the surface, like a mild detergent or cleaner, warm water, a soft cloth or sponge, and also a dry cloth.
  2. After this, wipe the surface with a dry cloth to remove dust.
  3. Mix the mild detergent and warm water in a spray bottle or bucket to make a cleaning solution.
  4. Dip a soft cloth into the cleaning solution and gently wipe the Sunmica surface in a circular motion.
  5. After cleaning the entire surface, rinse the cloth with clean water and wipe the Sunmica again to remove the soapy residue.
  6. Make sure no moisture is left on the sunmica surface to prevent water spots.

Tips and tricks for effective cleaning

If you are wondering how to clean glossy sunmica, then follow these tips and tricks for effective cleaning:

  1. You should use mild detergents or cleaners specifically made for laminate surfaces.
  2. Harsh chemicals can damage the Sunmica finish, so it’s better to use gentle solutions.
  3. For woodgrain-finished sunmica, you should use wooden sunmica cleaner.
  4. Avoid using abrasive scrubbers, steel wool, or rough brushes while cleaning the Sunmica surface. These materials will leave scratches on the surface.
  5. Try to use microfiber cloths, as they are gentle and effective for cleaning Sunmica surfaces.

By following these tips and tricks, you can maintain the beauty and integrity of Sunmica surfaces for years to come.

Dealing with stubborn stains on Sunmica

It is difficult to deal with stubborn stains on Sunmica surfaces, but with the right cleaning tips, you can remove them without causing damage to the surface. Before cleaning the stain, identify its nature. For normal stains, gently scrub the affected area with a soft cloth dampened with warm water and avoid using abrasive materials. For tougher stains, apply the mixture of baking soda and water to the stained area and gently scrub with a soft cloth. After this, rinse it with clean water. For grease stains, mix vinegar and water and apply the cleaning solution to the stained area. If home remedies do not work well on stains, then consider using a Sunmica stain remover. But refrain from using harsh chemicals, as they can damage the finish of Sunmica.

Additional care and maintenance tips

Some of the additional care and maintenance tips that can enhance the appearance of Sunmica surfaces are as follows:

  1. Always place coasters under hot pots and pans to protect surfaces from heat damage.
  2. Avoid using sharp objects such as knives, scissors, or keys to protect the surface from scratches. Use cutting boards as protective barriers when you are working on Sunmica surfaces.
  3. When you are moving objects on surfaces, lift them rather than drag them to prevent scratches.
  4. Regularly inspect Sunmica surfaces for signs of wear, scratches, or damage to prevent them from worsening.


It is necessary to clean Sunmica surfaces to maintain their beauty, durability, and functionality. By following the step-by-step guide and implementing the tips and tricks, you can remove the dust and stains without compromising the integrity of the Sunmica finish. With proper maintenance, Sunmica surfaces will become a timeless and elegant addition to your home or office for years to come. Advance Laminates is the best laminate manufacturer in India, offering a wide variety of laminates for your furniture or interior spaces.


1. Are there any cleaning products I should avoid using on Sunmica surfaces?

Yes, there are cleaning products that you should avoid using on Sunmica surfaces, like harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners, steel wool, and scouring pads that can damage the Sunmica finish. Using these harsh chemicals leads to scratches, dullness, or discoloration of sunmica. You should use mild detergents or gentle cleaners specifically formulated for laminate surfaces.

2. How often should I clean my Sunmica surfaces?

To maintain the pristine appearance of Sunmica surfaces, you should clean the surface regularly. With mild detergent and warm water, you should clean Sunmica surfaces at least once a week. High-traffic areas are prone to spills and stains, so these areas require frequent cleaning. Maintenance of sunmica depends on factors like usage, environmental conditions, and personal preferences.

3. Can I use furniture polish or wax on Sunmica surfaces?

No, you cannot use furniture polish or wax on the Sunmica surface. Sunmica already has a protective layer that doesn’t require any kind of additional polish or wax. You can use gentle cleaning solutions and microfiber cloths to maintain Sunmica’s pristine appearance.

4. Can I use a steam cleaner on Sunmica surfaces?

No, you cannot use a steam cleaner on Sunmica surfaces. Sunmica is durable and resistant to moisture, but if you expose it to high heat and steam from a steam cleaner, then it may damage the laminate finish. The intense heat may cause the adhesive layers to weaken or delaminate, leading to warping of the surface. It’s better to use gentle cleaning methods like mild detergents and warm water to ensure the longevity of Sunmica surfaces.

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