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Advance Laminates: Kitchen Laminates Luxury Beyond The Ordinary

Advance Laminates has been a trailblazer in introducing advancements to surface solutions products. This idea has been the driving force behind our development. We create luxury lifestyle goods that have evolved into the essence of modern living. We provide our clients with the flexibility to attain their goals by offering a comprehensive and broad variety of products.

Kitchen Laminate

Laminates for Kitchen

Choosing the colour and finish of kitchen laminates may be an exciting and tough undertaking. After all, the cabinets in your kitchen will decide the overall look and feel of the area. Laminate kitchen cabinets are widely utilised in both modular and traditional kitchens. They are classified into two types: high-pressure laminates (used on plywood) and low-pressure laminates (used on MDF or particleboard). Laminates come in a range of colours and finishes that mimic leather, wood, or stone, and they come in thicknesses ranging from 0.6 mm to 1.5 millimetres. Advance Laminates recommends that you should choose high-pressure laminates in your kitchen since they offer a variety of desired properties such as durability, low maintenance, high heat resistance, and cost-effectiveness.

Types of kitchen laminates

  • Gloss Finish Laminates

Gloss Finish Laminates sheets can help you choose the greatest high-definition laminate applications. Obtain the ideal style, it all depends on your design vision.


  • Gloss finish laminates may provide a lot of brightness to your kitchen since they reflect a lot of light. It looks beautiful and adds a rich and elegant touch to the environment.
  • These are ideal for tiny kitchens since they make the space appear larger than it is.


  • Shiny laminates are prone to stains and scratches.
  • Even fingerprints are plainly apparent on them and must be cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Matt Finish Laminates

Matte-finish surfaces, such as metals, paint, paper, or glass, typically have a dull and roughened look. This is for customers who want functionality and toughness combined with aesthetics.


  • Because of its understated appearance, imperfections like scratches are less obvious and visible to the human eye. Because Kitchen is the most used place, and scratches are a daily phenomenon. The matte finish will make the kitchen more scratch visible proof, therefore a viable option.
  • By dispersing light that falls on surfaces, matte or flat coatings provide depth to Kitchen spaces. A matte finish is ideal for adding texture.
  • Because there is little light reflection, the colour is more consistent; making it appears smoother and making kitchen spaces less gloomy.
  • The beautiful thing about this laminate is that it is robust, resilient, and easy to clean.


  • If moisture permeates the laminate, it will loosen the laminates and render them irreparable. And the kitchen cabinet’s laminate will bulge out.
  • Matte surfaces absorb light instead of reflecting it. Before picking dark matte hues for your Kitchen, you should be aware that they might make the area look smaller.
  • Because matte surfaces are not as smooth as glossy ones, they might be a bit more difficult to work with. And the kitchen always has stains of oil and spices, so it needs regular cleaning at a fixed interval.
  • Veneer Finish Kitchen

While veneer is often earmarked for closets and other cabinet items, some designers employ it to give kitchens a vintage appearance. 


  • As the veneers are sourced from actual wood, no two veneers will appear identical. It will give a more exotic look as people won’t be able to copy the looks of your kitchen cabinet.
  • Looks natural since it is crafted from genuine wood and looks to be of superior quality.
  • Similar to authentic wood, it may be sanded and re-polished to prevent scratches.


  • It is more costly than laminate and its manufacture is expensive.
  • Typically, veneers are less durable than laminates and require maintenance and cleaning.
  • Superior veneers are somewhat costlier than laminates. The value of veneer is dependent on the kind of wood used to produce it.
  • Velvet and Matte Finish

This ultra-sleek finish is favoured by the majority of homeowners. Cabinets with a matte surface do not reflect any light and have a flatter appearance. This surface treatment is suitable for kitchen cabinets with scalloped fronts in traditional or country styles.


  • Those who do not wish to wipe their cabinet surfaces as frequently began to choose matte finishes. The final result is touchable and produces a silky texture for a delicate and natural look.
  • Matte coatings reflect less light, absorb more, and have less gloss. Because fewer colours are reflected around the room, the area might feel more uniform. Smudges and fingerprints are less visible on matte surfaces.


  • Matte cabinets may not be the best option if you have a tiny kitchen. Because it absorbs rather than reflects light, it will not make your area appear or feel larger.
  • Cleaning is typically something we would rather avoid doing. Cleaning is, however, an unavoidable evil, and cleaning matte surfaces is more difficult than cleaning glossy surfaces.

Advance Laminates may bring a touch of refinement and flavour to your kitchen furnishings. Laminates are antibacterial, antifungal, scratch, stain, and impact resistant. The time has come to renovate your kitchen with Advance Laminates.