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Sunmica Buying Guide for Beginners – Colours and Textures

Things often get chaotic if we are not well versed with the appropriate information about anything. And talking in terms of giving the correct look to our home or office, we need authentic advice or perhaps relevant information, just like in the case of sunmica. Sunmica, a commonly used decorative sheet to add aesthetics to your furniture and walls, often gets confusingly blended with laminate. But the fact is the Sunmica and Laminate are synonyms of the top layer sheet to protect your walls and furniture along with adding tranquillity of beauty to them.

If you are a new-comer to the world of interior designing and looking forward to buying the best sunmica or laminates for your house then this guide is for you. Your renovation plan might include but is not limited to revamping your kitchen to modular, perhaps a walk-in closet, new wardrobes, or even flooring. Even the slightest alteration to achieve the elegance of a modern house would employ the use of sunmica sheets. The market is flooded with sunmica sheet designs ranging from plain, textured, printed, and designed. One can choose from the various options to choose the best sunmica that blends perfectly with the colour palette and vibe you wish to create.

This guide will assist you in giving you an overview of the things that you need to know before buying sunmica



Sunmica Sheets & Their Applicability

Sunmica is essentially a thin sheet that forms the topmost layer that is pasted on furniture to make it look attractive and colourful. Not only vibrant sunmica colours are the primary reason behind choosing laminates but mainly because of the protection it offers to the furniture and help prolong its life. 

Sunmica sheets can be used on almost all parts of a house. While a wooden sunmica sheet design will be apt for your furniture and tabletops, a stone finished or other colourful designs can help in creating unique wall panels, ceilings, and floors. Moreover, not only sunmica colours but a lower price tag as compared to natural wood make them a popular choice.

These sheets come in different textures, designs, patterns and colours which make them adjustable as per your home and choice. When it comes to customer’s choice and specificity, Advance Laminates has a specially curated E Catalogues that not only provide specifications, like guides for different laminates including flooring laminates, cabinet laminates, wardrobe laminates and furniture laminates but also fulfil the criterion by proving specially curated guides on their websites.


Key Characteristics & Specifications

Following are the key specifications that make sunmica a perennial choice of interior designers.

  1. Unique designs and vibrant colours for distinct styles.
  2. Sunmica is manufactured using phenolic compounds.
  3. Great resilience to weather and extreme temperatures.
  4. Sunmica sheets are extremely durable.
  5. Laminate sheets are least susceptible to fractures.


Benefits of Using Sunmica Sheets.

Below mentioned are some of the significant advantages of using sunmica and laminate sheets which might persuade a beginner to use them in their houses.

  1. Sunmica sheets designs offer distinction to different spaces of your house.
  2. Sunmica colours come with an 11-year warranty against colour fading.
  3. Sunmica has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  4. Uniform thickness makes their installation easy and simple.
  5. Sunmica or laminates are resistant to scratches, stains, and steam, thus making them a perfect choice for kitchen furniture.

Types of Laminate

With diverse options in the market, our decision might lose its authenticity and correctness. Here are a few of the options that you can consider while styling your home and office aesthetically without compromising with the quality.

1.  Acrylic Laminate which has a finish of lacquer and high gloss finish with wide colours options. These are available in solids, mirrors, sparkles, wooden and stones with non-toxic and anti scratch properties.

2. The One MM Decorative Laminate is made with zero finish technology which assures touch, feel and look in laminates. It’s almost like a real wood veneer which is not glossy or matt. 

3. Unicore Laminates are the ones that have layers of same decor impregnate that highlights the same colour on top and inside. They are mostly used in furniture fronts, tabletops, door cladding, shelves and side walls.

4. PVC Laminate which has 90 degree bendable technology and Antibacterial Panel is first sold in India by Advance Laminates. It is 100% safe with termite and borer proof and has fire retardant.

5. Anti Scratch PETG Laminate which has a beautiful soft touch unlike other types of laminates. It has properties of thermal healing and is also safe for food contact.




The above mentioned were more of generic guidelines to help a beginner get accustomed to the various terms and factors to be considered while buying the best sunmica for their homes. However, for a more detailed guidance you can reach out to Advance Laminates for more such surface solutions.