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What is the difference between acrylic and high-gloss laminate?


What is the difference between acrylic and high-gloss laminate?

Acrylic and high gloss laminate are two different types of laminate materials that are used in the realm of interior design and furniture manufacturing. Both laminates will give a modern appearance to your space, but they differ in composition, price, durability, and application. The choice between the two laminates depends on individual preferences, budget considerations, and also according to the individual’s specific requirements. Before installing laminate in your space, it is crucial to understand the difference between acrylic and high gloss laminate so that you can make informed decisions according to your specific needs and preferences. Advance Laminates is a renowned manufacturer from which you will get the best quality laminates. In this blog, you will read about the difference between acrylic and high gloss laminate.


Acrylic and high-gloss laminates possess unique characteristics that contribute to the modernization of living spaces. Both laminates are versatile solutions that add a touch of sophistication and durability to surfaces. Acrylic is a transparent plastic that resembles glass, which means this laminate has a mirror-like finish, elevating the aesthetic appeal by bringing a sense of luxury to spaces. High-gloss laminate is made from layers of resin-infused paper or fabric that are pressed under heat to create a durable surface. The glossy finish not only enhances the visual appeal but also ensures longevity, making it a practical choice for kitchen cabinetry, countertops, and a myriad of furniture applications. The comparison between high gloss laminate vs. acrylic is that when you install acrylic laminate in your space, regular maintenance is required to preserve its pristine look, whereas when you install high-gloss laminate, low maintenance is required. Both the laminates continue to shape the modern design landscape and encourage us to create our living spaces with a harmonious blend of visual allure and functional resilience.

What is High Gloss Laminate?

Generally, interior designers recommend high-gloss laminate for your living space. There might be a question in your mind: What is high gloss laminate? High-gloss laminate is crafted from layers of paper or fabric impregnated with resin. These layers are subjected to high pressure and heat to create a durable surface. The top layer has a glossy finish that adds a reflective shine and elevates the overall appearance of the space. These laminates are perfect for kitchen cabinets and countertops due to their unique characteristics of moisture resistance and antibacterial properties. They are affordable, which allows a broad range of consumers to incorporate high-gloss laminate into their living spaces for a sleek and contemporary look. Its durability and versatility in design make this laminate a go-to solution for those seeking a modern and polished aesthetic without compromising on practicality.

What is acrylic laminate?

You must have heard that acrylic laminate can give your space a classy and splendid look, but you might not know what is acrylic laminate. Acrylic laminate is composed of PVC film, and it offers a perfect blend of sophistication and contemporary allure to your space. This transparent plastic has a mirror-like finish that transforms surfaces into captivating statements of modern elegance. It possesses a distinct advantage in terms of durability and versatility. This laminate is preferred for a variety of reasons, which means it can be applied to high-end kitchen cabinets, furniture pieces, and decorative panels. The material not only reflects a high shine but also imparts a timeless aesthetic that resonates with modern design sensibilities. It comes in a wide range of vibrant colors, enabling designers and homeowners to create customized, visually striking environments. Although this laminate is resistant to scratches and fingerprints, regular care is required to uphold its pristine appearance.

Benefits of High-Gloss Laminates

If you are planning to apply high-gloss laminate at your place, you must know: Is high-gloss laminate good for your space or not? Let’s discuss the key benefits of high-gloss laminates, which are as follows:

1.Easy to apply:

The major benefit of applying this laminate at your place is that you can install high-gloss laminate yourself. No specific tools, experience, or adhesive is required to install this laminate. Additionally, this will considerably reduce application costs, which will increase your cost savings.

2. Cost-effectiveness:

High-gloss decorative laminates are cost-effective. Generally, many materials with glossy surfaces are expensive. As compared to other substitutes, even the highest-quality high-gloss laminates are less expensive. So, if you prefer shiny laminates for your space, then high-gloss laminates are the best.

3. Easy to maintain:

High-gloss laminates are easy to maintain, as they have smooth surfaces that can be wiped off quickly. Because of its texture-free surfaces, laminate does not support stains. If you use high-gloss laminate in your kitchen, you can maintain hygiene in your kitchen. These glossy laminates give homeowners everything they need because they are stylish and simple to maintain.

4. Make your spaces look bigger.

HD gloss laminates can expand any space by reflecting light. Because of this, glossy laminates are the ideal surface to use in smaller areas. You can get a more spacious feeling in a small kitchen or wardrobe by replacing matte surfaces with glossy ones. Choose a lighter-colored laminate if you want to get the greatest benefit from your glossy laminates. Your home will receive the maximum light if you do this.

5. Available in multiple varieties:

High-gloss decorative laminates come in a variety of styles, colors, and grain patterns that can be used to enhance the interior design of your home or office.

Now that you know all the benefits of high-gloss laminate, you don’t have this question in mind: Is high gloss laminate good? High gloss laminate has a sleek and polished look and offers aesthetics as well as durability.

Benefits of Acrylic Laminates

Acrylic laminate is a versatile material, and by knowing its benefits, you learn more about what is acrylic laminate. The key benefits of acrylic laminates are as follows:

1.Aesthetic Versatility:

Acrylic laminates come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures. This aesthetic versatility allows designers to choose from a wide range of options that can enhance the overall look of the space. Whether you want a modern design or a more traditional setting, acrylic laminates can customize your space according to your preferences.

2. High Durability:

The major advantage of acrylic laminate is its exceptional durability. This laminate is resistant to scratches and stains, making it ideal for high-traffic areas such as kitchens and commercial spaces. This durability ensures that surfaces maintain their original appearance for an extended time, reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs.

3. Ease of Maintenance:

Acrylic laminate surfaces are easy to clean and maintain. This laminate has a non-porous nature, which prevents the absorption of liquids, making it resistant to stains. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water is enough to clean the surfaces. This low-maintenance characteristic is beneficial for spaces where hygiene is crucial, such as kitchens.

4. Eco-Friendly

Acrylic laminates are manufactured using eco-friendly processes. So, the finished product is also recyclable, which contributes towards sustainable design practices. This environmental consideration makes acrylic laminate a responsible choice for those seeking eco-friendly materials.

5. Cost-Effective Solution:

Acrylic laminate is a cost-effective alternative to enhance the overall look of your space. This affordability makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers who do not want to compromise on style or quality.

That is why acrylic laminate is preferred in both residential and commercial settings.

The key difference between high-gloss and Acrylic Laminates

The key difference between high gloss laminate and acrylic laminate lies in their composition, appearance, durability, and cost. High gloss laminate offers a glossy finish at a more affordable price, while acrylic laminate provides a premium and mirror-like surface with superior durability but at a premium price. The choice between the two laminates depends on the individual’s desired preferences, interior style, budget constraints, and performance expectations.

Application of High Gloss Laminates

High gloss laminate has a sleek and reflective surface and can be applied to both residential and commercial settings. If you are wondering, where is high gloss laminate good to use? The key applications of high gloss laminate are mentioned below.

1. Kitchen Cabinets:

High gloss laminate is used for kitchen cabinets, providing a modern and sophisticated look. The glossy finish of this laminate reflects light and creates a bright atmosphere in the kitchen. It is also easy to clean and maintain proper hygiene in the kitchen.

2. Furniture:

High gloss laminate is used for furniture pieces such as tables, dressers, and entertainment units. It adds a modern touch to the furniture and enhances the overall aesthetic of the interior. The reflective surface adds a touch of elegance to the space.

3. Wall Panels:

High-gloss laminates can transform a basic surface into an exciting focal point of interior decor because of their glossy surface, which adds depth and texture to any space. For this reason, high gloss laminate sheets are frequently utilized in living rooms, bedrooms, and entertainment areas.

4. Doors and wardrobes:

You can use high gloss laminate for interior doors and wardrobes. The reflective quality of the laminate enhances the visual appeal of the space. It is commonly used in both residential homes and commercial spaces like offices.

5. Reception Areas:

For commercial spaces like offices, high gloss laminate is frequently utilized in reception areas. It creates a professional and welcoming ambiance, leaving a positive impression on visitors. The reflective surface adds a sense of refinement to the overall office decor.

Whether used in furniture, cabinetry, or wall panels, high gloss laminate contributes to contemporary and visually striking interiors.

Applications of Acrylic Laminates

Acrylic laminate offers a premium aesthetic and durability, making it a popular choice for design needs. If you want to know in detail what acrylic laminate is and where it can be applied, Then, here are the key applications of acrylic laminate:

1. Kitchen Countertops:

Acrylic laminate is frequently used for kitchen countertops due to its exceptional clarity and reflective surface. It has the look of transparent glass, which adds a touch of luxury to the kitchen. It requires low maintenance, and with mild soap and water, you can clean the surface.

2. Furniture Surfaces:

Acrylic laminate can be applied to furniture surfaces, such as tables and desks. With this laminate, you can add a sleek and contemporary touch to your furniture. Its glossy finish elevates the overall design, and its durability ensures that these surfaces remain pristine even with regular use.

3. Bathroom Vanity Units:

The moisture-resistant properties of acrylic laminate make it an ideal choice for bathroom vanity units. Its glossy surface not only adds a luxurious touch to the space but also makes cleaning and maintenance effortless. The material’s durability ensures longevity in a humid environment.

4. Wall Cladding:

Acrylic laminate can be used on your walls to cover the entire surface. This application is popular in modern interiors and contributes to a reflective background. The material’s clarity enhances the perception of depth in the space.

5. Office Spaces:

Acrylic laminate is utilized in office interiors for elements like reception desks, cabinetry, and wall panels. Its elegant appearance provides a professional and sophisticated atmosphere to the workspace.


If we compare high gloss laminate vs. acrylic, both laminates offer compelling features and aesthetic appeal. It depends on your interior style, budget, and the preferences of the individual as to which laminate, they choose. Acrylic surfaces provide a sleek and contemporary look with a higher price tag, while high gloss laminate offers durability and versatility at a more affordable cost. With a deeper understanding of both laminates, you can decide which laminate you should install in your space. Advance Laminates is the leading manufacturer of laminates, where you can buy high-quality laminates at the best prices.


1. Are acrylic and high gloss laminates equally durable?

When you compare high gloss vs. acrylic for durability, both laminates offer robust characteristics. Acrylic laminate provides superior scratch resistance, making it exceptionally durable against daily wear and tear. Whereas high gloss laminate offers aesthetics and durability, scratches are sometimes visible due to its glossy surface. The choice between the two depends on individual preferences; if ultimate scratch resistance and a premium aesthetic are priorities, acrylic laminate may be the preferred option. High gloss laminate, while slightly more susceptible to scratches, still offers commendable durability at a more budget-friendly price.

2. What factors should you consider when choosing between acrylic and high gloss laminate?

If you are deciding between high gloss laminate vs. acrylic, you should consider a few factors, such as interior style, durability, budget, aesthetic preferences, maintenance, eco-friendliness, etc., of the laminate. At last, by considering all these factors, select the laminate material that aligns with your design preferences, durability needs, and budget constraints.

3. Which laminate finish is best for the kitchen between high gloss and acrylic?

Both high gloss and acrylic laminates have their merits, and the best choice for a kitchen depends on individual priorities. If clarity, scratch resistance, and a luxurious feel are paramount, acrylic laminates are the better option. For a cost-effective choice with a wide range of design possibilities, high gloss laminate could be the ideal fit. Lastly, for high-end kitchens, gloss-finished acrylic cabinets are perfect. They also improve the aesthetics of your kitchen. High gloss laminates also have a glossy finish, but because they reflect less light, they have a less striking overall appearance.

4. Do acrylic and high gloss laminate require special maintenance?

No, both acrylic and high gloss laminate are low-maintenance materials. But gentle cleaning practices and preventive measures can ensure their continued beauty and durability. Regular care and maintenance contribute to the long-term resilience of these materials in various applications.

5. Which is more costly, acrylic or high gloss laminate?

As compared to high gloss vs. acrylic laminate, acrylic is more expensive than high gloss laminate. Acrylic sheets are crafted from durable materials that offer a luxurious and glossy appearance, resembling glass. This premium quality contributes to their higher price point. On the other hand, high gloss laminate, while providing a glossy finish, is typically more budget-friendly. Laminates are manufactured by layering materials and applying a high-gloss coating, offering an attractive aesthetic at a more affordable cost compared to acrylic. Secondly, acrylic surfaces require professional installation, while high gloss laminate allows for easier DIY installations, reducing labor costs. Hence, acrylic laminate is costlier than high gloss laminate.

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