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Reason Behind The Durability of Advance Laminates

In this modern time, having the promise of durability is quite rare, especially with decorative material. People make heavy investments in renovating or decorating their homes and investments like paint hardly lasts 5-7 years. What if there could be a material that lasts more than 50 years? Is there such a thing that can decorate your home along with great durability and offers high resistance against moisture, termites, abrasion and stains? Well, there is such a thing and you guessed it right. It is Laminate.

Advance laminate

Laminates keep your furniture maintenance free and let you dwell into the beauty of your interiors and exteriors. Though it has a durability of 50+ years, what makes it so durable? How does it last so many years without any scratch or stain? How are the exteriors protected from extreme heat and weather conditions?

  • Production: Laminates are made by pressing layers of heavy-duty kraft papers with resin and then covered with a decorative layer that can adapt to any design which makes it highly suitable for any interior or exterior. 
  • Water Resistant: Laminates are best suited for bathrooms where there is excessive water content. With specially designed technology, Advance Laminates can provide protection to your bathroom walls and flooring.
  • Heat Resistant: For India’s diverse weather conditions, the innovative Exterior Wall Cladding by Advance Laminates ensures that your home will be well protected against UV rays and shines the same even after years.
  • Fire Resistant: House fires are quite common owing to the quantity of wood used in the interiors of modern homes. With the vision to protect households, Advance Laminates offers fire resistant Laminates that will protect you and your family.
  • Abrasion Resistant: The major issue with paint is abrasion that harms the children along with your walls. There is no chance of abrasion in case of laminates as they are prone to these things.
  • Scratch Resistant: Sometimes having a pet, especially a dog, becomes troublesome as they not only can peel the painted walls but also invite blemishes to the furniture about there is no such issue with laminates.
  • Stain Resistant: Most of the household kitchens’ appearance degrades by food stains and consistent heat but Advance Laminates are designed to be resistant in these situations which led to easy cleaning of these kitchen stains.
  • Corrosion Resistant: Another major problem that households face is corrosion that completely spoils the appearance of your home. Here, Laminates come to rescue as they are highly corrosion resistant.
  • Graffiti Resistant: Having children in home is the indicator of crayon painted walls and stopping them might suppress their creativity. We’ve got a solution, choose Advance Laminates, that are graffiti resistant that means stains can be cleaned easily.
  • Termite Resistant: The problem with using wooden furniture is termites that feed on wood and results in wastage of money and degradation of interiors. But there is no such thing as termites with laminates, though they do give a wooden finish but their properties make them far apart.

Modern interiors and exteriors are shifting to laminates, it’s high time we choose the one that saves our cost and efforts along with giving a high aesthetic finish. With the exclusive Advance Decorative Laminates collection, you can give your home any kind of finish that you want. Be it any shade, type or design, with laminates your home will be in the spotlight.

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