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Vastu Tips For Living Room – Let The Positive Energy In

Vastu is considered to bring happiness and prosperity since ages. Experts study various factors such as lighting, color, directions, and architectural plan to strike a perfect balance between them and let the positive energy make way into your life.


Home is the extension of your body and spirit so it has to be well-designed to exude a positive energy. While all other areas enjoy limited use at certain times, living room remains occupied all through the day, even by the guests. It is the heart of your home, so it must be paid immense attention. Your living room should be a room filled with harmony, Vastu Compliant to maintain a positive flow of energy while eliminating the negative energy.

Vastu Tips

Here’re a few Vastu Tips to make your living room more auspicious:


In Vastu, colour decisions are mostly based on the direction, its ruling planet and also the zodiac sign of the residents. Soothing hues of blue, white, green and yellow are good for living room. Red and black are strictly no. You can choose designer laminates accordingly.


If your house faces west, then as per Vastu, your living room should be in the northwest direction. But, if your house faced north or east, northeast is the right direction to position your living room. For south facing houses, southeast is the direction for living room.

Placement of furniture

As per Vastu, west and south wall sides are good for the placement of heavy furniture. But remember, furniture should not touch the wall. Rectangular or square shaped furniture brings harmony, while odd shaped ones attract negative energy. The arrangement of furniture should be such that it allows free movement of people. Do not place furniture beneath the beam as it is believed to cause stress among members. An idol of a deity on a raised surface (a table) between corners of table brings positivity.


Positive and motivating paintings on the walls in the direction of what they depict is a Vastu friendly décor idea. For example – hung the painting of a waterfall on the north wall; paintings representing greenery and natural beauty on the eastern wall bring positive energy. Do not hung paintings of war, sorrow or misery in your living room. If you like chandelier, place it a little towards the west, and not in the centre. North, north-east and east directions are good for an aquarium. A picture of your family in the living room would be simply perfect.

Advance Decorative Laminates provides useful tips to bring positive energy, happiness luck and prosperity to your home. Stay tuned for more updates.


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