Instructions to Choose Right laminate for your home and offices?

Laminates are high quality sheet of veneers that are pasted together using resin and paper sheet that can be used as flooring material, on cabinets and even for office spaces. Laminates gives an amazing look to the whole interior space thus making the space look lavish. Advance laminates’ range of laminates are available in different colours, patterns and textures that go well with any kind of interior, be it office space or even in a home. The range of laminates at Advance Lam is exclusively created for flooring, cabinets, furniture and walls, choosing which, one can simply give a fresh and unique look to their interiors.

If you are confused on what kind of laminate to choose for your home or office space, take a look at Advance lam’s range of laminates and know for yourself which suits you the best.

Laminates for home

Laminates for home can be varied into a few segments like flooring laminate, cabinet laminate, furniture laminate etc. Talking about Flooring Laminate, Advance Lam’s flooring laminate is strong meaning it can withstand heavy loads onto it. These laminates are highly durable and are very easy to maintain as well. Advance Lam’s Laminate floors are the same in quality and strength and they are available in a variety of colours and patterns such as pine, oak, stone etc.

Cabinet Laminates, a range of Advance Lam’s exquisite laminates for kitchen or any cabinet in a home or office space is available for all the customers in a variety of solid colours that can be mixed and matched according to the need of the clients. Advance Lam’s range also include a lot of patterns and textures that makes the indoors of an office space or home look amazing with just the right application of the laminate.

Furniture Laminate range of Advance Laminate provides the customers with an array of different wooden textured laminates, solid colour laminates, patterned laminates that one can choose from. This range can beautify a home or office space with just the right application of laminate. For office spaces, wooden textured laminates or solid colour laminates work the best while for a home, wooden textured laminate or a pattern laminate can work really great for the whole interior.

You can choose from a range of laminates provided to you by Advance Lam and beautify any space you are in. Give yourself a try and visit Advance Laminates on info@advancelam.com to check out a vast variety of laminates and plywood. You can also call us on +91-9821698171 , 0120-4021709 for more information. 

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