The beauty of the bedroom not only rely upon the aesthetic wall displays but also the design and architecture of wardrobes. Wardrobes give more area for storing small and huge items such as clothes, curtains, bed sheets in a synchronized and organized manner. Decorative Laminates are the perfect material to give the surface a whole new look and feel.

Let’s have a short preview of the types of wardrobe and how to use:


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This is the perfect example of bedroom wardrobe designs at very reasonable rates. In this six door wardrobe, there is a large space available inside. Overall, it is a perfect art of furniture you can choose.

To add a touch of glamour and a great finish, Zero Finish Laminates by Advance Decorative Laminates are the best option you can choose. It gives the surface of the Monal designs an aesthetic touch and feel of the veneer. Browse the catalogue to discover a wide range of Zero Finish Laminates.


Elevated Cupboard

Elevated Cupboard-wardrobe-design
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It not only consumes very less space but also give you more storage for things like books, bags and other necessary articles. Moreover, they can be arranged above the bed so that you can use it anytime with ease.

natural-series-wardrobe designs

Surface finish by laminates add a touch of eye-candy, and the Natural Series by Advance is an added advantage. To browse the list of laminate sheets, check out the catalogue here.

Multi Panel Sliding Doors

Multi Panel Sliding Doors wardrobe design
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The doors run on tracks. To give the surface a great and appealing look, laminates are a great option. Apart from that, there are many customization options you may choose.


Laminates are an awesome alternative to Veneer that give a touch of natural wood. Altogether, Dry Veneer laminate sheets can surely woo the onlookers. Browse the wide range of Dry Veneer laminate sheets catalogue to give a great finish to Multi Panel Sliding Doors.

Vintage Wardrobes

Vintage Wardrobes wardrobe design
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The wardrobe gives a classy look to your bedroom. They are extremely beautiful in look and feel. It gives perfect elegance to the bedroom. It has a hanging rail and drawers inside. The wardrobe has many drawers and shelves for keeping clothes, jewellery, files, etc.


Vintage designs coupled with Diamond High Gloss Finish add a look of glory to the surface finish. Advance Decorative Laminates offer the widest range of the high gloss laminates for the great surface look and feel. Browse the catalogue here.

Here is all about the various wardrobe designs you can opt. But, to give the surface finish an awesome beautiful look, Advance Decorative Laminates offers a wide range of laminates that can simply hike your imagination. If you can really looking to give your bedroom a grand look with the latest decorative laminates, talk to us for the best quotes.

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