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Laminates are resilient and flexible products with unlimited potential in interior designing. However, it shares an invisible background. We work towards not only reinventing the way laminates are looked at, but also how they look.

Using vibrant colors and finishes, we try to give laminates a complete makeover like never before. We conceive laminates not just as an economical countertop, but also an unparalleled design element that can add character to any décor.


  • Higher Elasticity
  • Smoother surface, no sharp curves after forming for a clean, uncluttered look
  • Greater colorfastness as a result of main pigment used on most recent, intercontinental designs
  • Very admired as modular furniture, desk fronts,  cabinets, wall racks, kitchen workstations, and countertops
  • Thermoforming of the laminate to the lowest radii of curving and bull nosing for convex
  • Smooth finish with no sharp bends