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India’s Best-in-Class Premium Range of PVC Laminates

Advance Decorative Laminates has introduced the world to fresh waterproof, termite-proof, and 100% lead-free PVC laminates that are bound to make their way in homes and offices of people with a stylish bent of mind. PVC laminate cost is quite affordable and it has a modern minimalist design plan for the house is an utmost delight and almost heaven for people who are obsessed with the perfect ambience. To incorporate the modern outlook in your interiors is perhaps one of the most satisfying experiences. The colour tone in PVC Mica is subdued which gives every space a clean and crisp yet absolutely attractive look.  A sagacious way in which you can integrate the minimalist look for your home and offices is by using PVC laminate sheets which are budget-friendly.

Some important features of modern interiors are clean and very basic detailing with the focus on forms and functionality which are again, simplistic in nature. Choosing 90 Degree bendable laminates helps you get a smooth and seamless edge of your furniture, give your furniture a brand new finish with a single sheet look and feel. PVC laminate features a solid colour throughout the material that makes it ideal for use as counters, reception desks, house furniture, etc.  With a greater creative breadth in colour and texture, it offers an assortment of inspiring and vibrant colours that matches all the way through avoiding ant dark edges.

Beginning from the ’80s when laminates first gained popularity, they have come a long way from looking cheap and unrealistic to being a popular choice for floorings and walls. They have evolved into being modern-day realistic caricatures of expensive hardwood overlays. Easy to maintain and affordable to all,  PVC laminates are going to be an intrinsic part of indoor and outdoor decors for a long time keeping in mind everyone’s likings.


If there is one texture that will never go out of style, it is the natural wood finish and bendable laminate features in laminates. As opposed to real wood, these sheets are more affordable and easier to maintain. Also, they look exceptionally similar to wood; it’s often hard to tell the difference. Advance Decorative Laminates that is the leading manufacturer of PVC coated MDF, White PVC laminate and PVC Veener Laminate has a massive collection to ooze sophistication and satisfaction.

PVC Laminates has the answer to all your décor needs & desires providing a plethora of options to choose from for all trend types, be it natural, woody, digital, fancy, or vibrant. Anything and everything you need is available with ADVANCE DECORATIVE LAMINATES.



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