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Importance of Sunmica

Sunmica is a brand of laminates. It is a laminate sheet which is put on top of wooden furniture for decorative purpose. Sunmica is a laminate brand. The laminate sheets started off initially with 1mm thickness. Sunmica is now known as Sunmica AICA, after the merger of its parent brands. Sunmica laminate sheets are available in different colors, designs, and patterns. There are more than 456 shades and textures offered. Sunmica laminates are available from 0.6 to 1.5mm thickness, making it suitable for any kind of application.

Why is Sunmica important?

Sunmica is important because of its popularity and applications. The Importance of Sunmica can be understood by taking a look at the reasons why it is popular and why people prefer it:

  • The Sunmica sheet design is unique and gives a special look for your interiors

  • The sunmica sheets are 100% phenolic products

  • The product has 11 years warranty against fading of color

  • It is weather resistant and also resistant against extreme temperatures

  • It has antibacterial and antifungal properties

  • The thickness is of uniform dimension

  • It is highly resistant to scratches and other acts of aggression

  • It is resistant to cracking thanks to its strength

  • It is resistant to staining making it perfect for home use

  • It is resistant to cigarette burns

  • It is resistant to steam an can be used in kitchen furniture without any problem

  • The decorated paper used to make sunmica is obtained from top vendors in the world

  • It is simple and easy for the carpenter to use

  • It is free from any foreign particles

  • Architects, Interior designers, as well as homeowners find sunmica sheets convenient and the best option to use

  • It comes from a company that has ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 International certifications.

sunmica laminates

Sunmica comes from a leading brand

The importance of sunmica also lies in the fact that it is a high-quality product that comes from a reputed company Advance Laminates. This company is the leading manufacturer and exporter of decorative laminates. The company has revolutionised the usage of laminate sheets, which is now popularly used for decorative purposes.

The laminates produced by Advance Laminates are rich in features, well textured and are excellently designed. They are manufactured by skilled technicians in facilities that make use of the best technology. The focus on quality and regular innovation makes sunmica laminate sheets a great quality product for decorative use.