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Gurjan Plywood

Advancelam Plywood is manufactured from an imported Gurjan hardwood veneer. It is bonded with high solid content Phenol Formaldehyde Resin, manufactured in a single stage, at extremely high temperature and pressure.

Therefore, this plywood can withstand extreme temperature, humidity, and alternate wetting and drying, all of the prerequisites for plywood used in marine applications. Being powder proof, it guarantees protection against borer & termites. Due to its nature of the application, it is made to resist fungal and micro-bacterial attacks also. This Advancelam is undergone to special process to test its resistance against the microorganism. It is dimensionally stable and an ideal choice for high-quality projects.

Specific Features:

Manufactured with 100% hardwood.
Single-stage PF resin is used for better bonding.
Manufactured with full core panel
Zero core gap
Extra thick face used for extra strength.
Three times treated against termite and boreUniform thickness
Sanded with wide belt sanding machine for a smooth surface

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