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Film Face Shuttering Plywood

Endless Surfacing Possibilities with Film Faced Shuttering Plywood

Why Shuttering Ply?

Shuttering Plywood is the excellent outcome of unending experiments grasped from the world-class manufacturing facilities from sources that can never be doubted. The extraordinary treatment enhances it on a very basic level strong and strengthened. Shuttering Ply is made with select hardwood, it withstands the loads and powers experienced in the midst of the pouring of concrete and vibrations. The Shuttering Plywood price is quite affordable and to get the best out of its quality, the plywood is extensively being used as a piece of the improvement of expansions, flyovers, metro wanders, transport building, water tanks, cooling towers, and tall structures requiring most outrageous quality and security and is open in numerous estimations. Shuttering plywood is a term quite commonly used in the construction industry. The shuttering process – pouring the concrete into moulds – cannot happen without using shuttering plywood. This is a kind of plywood which is designed in a way to prevent concrete from coming out of the mould. This material is not used for aesthetic purposes, but to hold concrete till it densifies to form a solid structure. It is weather-resistant and doesn’t stick to the concrete itself. Advance Decorative Laminates is the largest shuttering plywood manufacturer in India that offers a wide range of options. Advance film faced shuttering plywood rates are more affordable and its most effective constructions. It has a smooth mirror-like superior finishing on both surfaces and saves costs to quiet an extent when compared to other similar products due to more repetition during shuttering work. It’s the cross-laminated structure between face veneer, core veneer, and the film again enhances the strength of ply. Application: It is being used widely shuttering in construction of bridges, flyovers, metro projects, shipbuilding, water tanks, cooling towers, all high rise buildings, etc., which need maximum strength and security. Do’s Cleaning and oiling the surface increasing the life of plywood. Use screws to fix shuttering plywood. Store it properly stacked under a shed.   Don’ts The plywood shall not be dragged over one another as this would scratch the surface. Don’t allow the material to use without sealants at the cut edges. Don’t allow the material to stack without proper drying.


Created utilizing the extraordinary nature of wood sourced from the best vendors, these plywood’s are in insistence with the mechanical standards. Our clients can get this plywood’s from us at the fiscally calculating expenses. Offered in different estimations, the entire extent of film faced shuttering plywood is for the most part used as a piece of numerous illustrating works. Other than that, the shuttering plywood price from Advance Decorative Laminates is quite affordable as compared to other manufacturers in India. It is manufactured from veneers of well-selected and strong hardwood. It is bonded with high-quality liquid phenol-formaldehyde, synthetic resins manufactured at our own resin plant confirming to IS: 4990 pressed with thermal setting hot press and treated with special quality preservative. Advance Laminates is the largest Film Faced Plywood Manufacturer that has better compression than others. Extra compression leads to better nailing and screw holding properties. Our product has a strong load-bearing capacity which prevents swelling during shuttering works.

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