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Exterior Laminate or Exterior Grade Cladding add awesome color to outside space for use in all weathers. Advance exterior laminate or Advance HPL Laminates offers light fast finishes with durability and resilience to withstand years of outside use. The laminate sheets are specially designed to beautify your exteriors.

The state-of-the-art exterior HPL cladding panels indulge elegance with tasteful patterns that enhance the look of all kinds of outer surfaces.

Popular application areas for exterior grade wall cladding:

1. Facade

2. Balcony

3. Gate for residential and commercial establishments

4. Gate for hospitals, fascia for showrooms etc.

Advantages of exterior laminate or HPL Exterior Cladding:

1. UV Resistant. No color fading.

2. Weather, Water, Moisture, Heat & Fire Resistant.

3. Chemical resistance

4. Anti Soiling

5. Anti Graffiti

6. High Impact Resistant

7. Scratch Resistant

8. Strong, Self-supporting, Durable and Long lasting.

9. Does not need any maintenance.


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