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Exterior Laminate

Exterior Laminate or Exterior Grade Cladding adds awesome color to outside space for use in all weathers. Advance exterior laminate or High-Pressure Laminates offers light fast finishes with durability and resilience to withstand years of outside use. The laminate sheets are specially designed to beautify your exteriors.

The state-of-the-art exterior HPL cladding panels indulge elegance with tasteful patterns that enhance the look of all kinds of outer surfaces.

Good design comes from the heart, fulfill those desires with Advance Laminates

The use of High-Pressure Laminate Façade Cladding has become more popular as a strategy for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a newly constructed or renovated exterior. These panels are created in laminating presses under extreme conditions, including high temperatures and pressures, to ensure that they meet global standards. It has a weather-resistant coating that is made of polymers that have been double-hardened, providing the building facades with a high level of durability. Exterior laminate or exterior grade cladding adds vibrant color to outdoor spaces that may be used in all weather conditions. Advance external laminates, also known as Advance HPL Laminates, provide light, quick finishes with the durability and toughness to sustain years of outdoor usage. The laminate sheets are carefully developed to enhance the appearance of your exteriors. The cutting-edge HPL cladding panels exude elegance with subtle designs that complement the appearance of all types of outer surfaces.

Popular application areas for exterior grade wall cladding:

  • Balcony

Ceramic cladding tiles can withstand adverse weather conditions and are not readily damaged. They may last for many years without showing signs of wear and strain. They are also immune to precipitation and rising pollution levels. Also, because they can stand up to UV rays, they are a great choice for your building and a great way to protect the balcony.

  • Entrance of residential and commercial enterprises

Residential and commercial entrances need durable, colorful, and sturdy wall cladding; the following options will suffice.

Stainless Steel Exterior Cladding

The stainless steel cladding is very strong and can handle the effects of the weather.

Brick cladding

Brick cladding The bricks are made from lightweight materials and come in an assortment of colours. It offers complete protection against all elements to which it may be exposed. Brick cladding will not fracture, degrade, or exhibit symptoms of pollution damage.

  • Gates for hospitals, fascia for showrooms, etc.

Hospitals and showrooms need greater inside protection than outside walls. The following exterior wall cladding types will aid both locations in any climate.

Wood cladding

Wood remains one of the most visually beautiful cladding materials available. Typically put into long, thin boards that may be fitted horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, wood cladding can be completely modified to obtain the desired ornamental effect. As a siding material, wood is weather-resistant and very insulating.

Natural stone cladding

Typically, the cost of natural stone cladding depends on the kind of stone selected, such as slates, sandstones, marble, granite, limestones, and quartzites. It imparts a sense of coziness to the structure. It may be put over either a concrete or steel surface.

Brick Cladding

Brick Cladding tiles are made of lightweight materials and come in a variety of colors. It provides full protection against all elements that may come into contact with it. The inherent density and thermal insulation properties of the brick cladding reduce building temperatures and minimize energy consumption. 

Advantages of exterior laminate or High Pressure Laminates:

1. UV Resistant. No color fading.

2. Weather, Water, Moisture, Heat & Fire Resistant.

3. Chemical resistance

4. Anti Soiling

5. Anti Graffiti

6. High Impact Resistant

7. Scratch Resistant

8. Strong, Self-supporting, Durable, and Long lasting.

9. Does not need any maintenance.

Benefits of exterior laminate or HPL cladding:

One of the primary goals is to secure and safeguard the building and its residents. It will ensure that the mechanical structure of the building stays sound by adapting to changing weather conditions. This is particularly useful in locations that experience one extreme temperature at one time of year and another extreme temperature at another. It will also help to prevent water absorption and give protection against chemical or air pollution.

  • Simple maintenance

PVC wall cladding is incredibly low maintenance compared to conventional wood cladding owing to its durability and simple cleaning characteristics.

  • Aesthetic relevance

The visually pleasant aspect that external cladding will provide to a house is one of the most prevalent reasons why homeowners opt to install it. It may provide immediate curb appeal to a home.

  • Security and protection of the building

External cladding is a fantastic addition to your home since it provides an additional layer of defence for the structure. It increases its mechanical strength and prevents problems like fractures.

  • It provides insulation

Cladding lets you better insulate your business property. This makes the inside more comfortable and saves you a lot of money on heating and cooling costs.

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