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Decorative Laminates


Happiness Is Decorative Laminates: Revamping Your Interiors Head-To-Toe

Who are we?

The name that defines the truest form of decorative laminates has now set new standards in the decorative industry. Since 2016, being the largest laminates supplier in India, Advance Decorative Laminates has excelled in providing commercial and residential designers and architects with a truly unique collection of High Pressure Laminates and an outstanding commitment to Customer Service.

Advance has evolved to become one of India’s leading Decorative Laminates manufacturer and exporter. Its collections are a superb palette of most beautiful and exclusive colours and finishes from best laminate sheets at competitive prices.

Advance has adapted the beauty of eye-catching designs to the versatility of the Indian creative market with exotic wood grains, unique pastels, vivid designs, textures and a superb decorative collection. Our diversified selection of finishes is unsurpassed.

Advance Laminates has set a quality benchmark in the interior designing industry. Advance Lam offers some of the finest grade compact and durable decorative laminate sheets in India. Laminates are resilient and flexible products with unlimited potential in interior.  We have got a beautiful manufacturing structure that is undoubtedly world-class, you can check it out on our laminate catalogue.


  • Overcome The Design Limitation
  • Can Be Customized
  • Scratch & Temperature Resistant
  • Affordable
  • Easy To Install & Maintain


Water Resistant: Laminated sheets are resistant to water or moisture and are therefore ideal for installation even in the kitchen and bathroom areas. One can expect them to last longer without bearing the impact of different seasons and weather conditions.

Wide Variety: Decorative laminates are designed in a wide range of thickness from 0.7 mm to 1.5 mm, while 3 and 4 mm varieties are also available. These sheets come in great choices when it comes to finishes and textures. Some popular ones include wood grains, marble, chrome, metallic, mirror, glossy, matte, crystal, beaded and many more.

Durability: Laminates, especially the HPL variety, are durable enough to withstand high traffic and possible wear and tear. Moreover, these are fire-resistant and flame-retardant and are not easily damaged by the common damaging elements like cracks, scratches, cigarette burns, load and impact and more. It means that you can expect them to have long life and great value for your investments.

Microbe-Resistant: Designed and treated to be antibacterial and anti-fungal, these surfaces are absolutely admired for being health-friendly for people and pets.

Easy Maintenance: Low dirt accumulation makes decorative laminates easy to clean using simple cleaning solutions and procedures. As these are less prone to damage and wear and tear, you may have to spend insignificantly to maintain these surfaces.

Top quality Laminated Flooring

Advance Decorative laminates have created a niche in the Indian marketplace. As innovation and skills are the major factors behind the success of any business, we make sure our every member has the skill set to be competitive. To make this happen, we pay attention to the skill development of our personnel.

Looking to Buy Advance Decorative Laminates? Look No More!

If you are looking to transform your home to give it a fresh and elegant appeal using high pressure decorative laminates, Advance Decorative Laminates is a name you can trust. India’s leading decorative laminates manufacturers; Advance Decorative Laminates presents the finest in decorative laminates to cater to unique decor and styling requirements.

Scroll through our unique chest of designs and textures to choose from a variety of elegant and modern style statement.

In only few years our products have been specified in several of the best-known brands to decorate their stores and facilities showing that the Italian trends continue ruling the design world. Our constant innovation in colours, surfaces and patterns add value to your projects with a touch of class and distinction.

We invite you to browse our collections and if you would like one of our professionals to help you in your project simply contact us – +91 9821698171. We are here to help!

Advance liner grade laminates are available in 15 most popular colors, the thickness of 0.7mm,0.8mm,0.9mm with the option of matte, gloss and suede finish.

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