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High Gloss Laminates- Where to Use and Where Not To

The world is becoming more stylish, trendy and colorful, you would also want to make your space walking at the same pace. Interior decoration is the most crucial step in the process of beautification of your home. Laminates play a big role when it comes to beautiful Interior and Exterior designing. Talking about the Laminate – one question comes to mind and that is What to opt for –…


PVC Laminates are Costly- The Truth Behind the Myth

PVC laminates are multi-layered laminate sheets based on Poly Vinyl Chloride, made by compressing paper and plastic resins under high pressure and temperature. They are used as a decorative layer on top of raw surfaces such as plywood. Today PVC Laminate is one emerging name which is very popular in Interior designing segment. Be it home, offices, multiplexes and other spaces, PVC laminate is one of the most asked…


Super Matt Laminates-Benefits and Applications

The biggest question when you are renovating your home, repainting it or simply selecting accent pieces to decorate it, there is one question that bothers everyone is should we keep it Matt or Glossy. So let’s first understand super matt Laminates. The matt laminate is more of a ‘natural’ look that provides a softer look, as it can produce lower contrast on darker colors. The texture of a matt…


How to Choose the Best PVC Laminates?

As we are growing in the era of fast changing technologies and improving standard of livings, decorating your home and commercial spaces is a challenge. There are so many options available in the market for your interior designing that you may go crazy what to select and what not. While shopping for your interior decors, have you heard of the PVC Laminates??? They are available in a range of…


Major Types and Characteristics of Advance Plywood at a Glance

Advance Lam is very aesthetic when it comes to providing its customers with high quality products. With a range of plywood that Advance Lam manufactures, here’s to mentioning them along with the unique properties each kind of plywood by Advance Lam brings with itself. Note that Advance Lam offer two types of plywood, 18 MM plywood and 12 MM plywood.   Water proof plywood The waterproof plywood by Advance Lam…


Why Should You Choose Advance Lam for Kitchen Laminate?

Laminates in kitchen are highly used for cabinets. These enhances the look of the kitchen and make the space look bigger than it actually is. The trick is to choose the right kind of laminate for a kitchen space. Advance lam’s range of laminates for kitchen is that one stop for you from where you can choose high quality and durable laminates at reasonable prices and make your kitchen…


Get The Furniture of Your Choice of Modern Style With Advance Plywood

Advance Lam provides to its customers with a range of products including plywood, PVC laminates and decorative laminates for the purpose of using them in both commercial and residential spaces. Advance Lam’s plywood is one strong material which can hold on for ages without any wear and tear. Advance lam has categories of plywood like film faced plywood, block board, flush door and advance plywood for different purposes.  To…


Difference between Laminates and Veneers

Laminate is made of multi-layered artificial floor board using high-density fibre, melamine resin or wood particles whereas veneer are slits of natural wood debarked from wood logs that give an actual finish of natural wood.  Laminates have a layer of appliqué on top which is protected with a defensive layer. Whereas veneers is applied on plywood board that looks like real wood. Laminates are cheaper than veneers while also…


The Surprising Variety of Flush Doors

There are plenty of doors that are available in the world of interior design. You can choose from various options like panel doors, PVC, flush, glass doors etc where you have to keep in mind the durability, design, customization available for each door specifically. Out of the various choices available, one such door type is flush door that look amazing once installed.  Let is tell you why there is…


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