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Advance decorative laminates brings you the unique collection of premium laminate designs. They can be used to beautify every inch of your living space. We have 17 never before seen textures, high gloss & suede finish designs. These varieties of designs are sourced from around the globe and texture patterns are procured from best in Europe and USA. The laminates are 100% phenolic in nature and best quality kraft paper is sourced to give it the mechanical properties.

The Premium laminates are manufactured using kraft paper impregnated by 100% phenolic resins and then pressing together the décor paper, that is impregnated in specially formulated melamine resin which is then compressed in a high pressure and high-temperature environment in a hydraulic press. The end product is then trimmed to size and back surface is given finishing touches by using the imported sanding machine. No wonder.

Advance Laminates have become the topmost choice of interior designers and architects.