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1MM Laminate

Advance Emporio 1MM Decorative Laminates

ADVANCE EMPORIO - Colors & Textures for Innovative Architecture

Advance decorative laminates – Fast redefining the way you look at offices and homes, leaving an everlasting impression of the finest quality and superior class on the community of connoisseurs. It is the leading laminate manufacturer in India, the decorative laminates feature exotic designs, superior quality, and durability, a pocket-friendly solution for your home/office space.

What’s new in Advance Emporio 1mm Decorative Laminates?

This is not just a collection of laminate pieces put together but as the name suggests is the museum of some of the most exclusive laminate designs that the entire world has to offer. In our relentless passion to bring the newest designs to decorate the interior space, we bring our much-acclaimed collection of signature décor laminates called the Advance Emporio.

The 1mm Decorative Laminate or high pressure laminate collection begins with synchronized laminates which is a revelation that gives the feel and aesthetics of veneer while preserving the versatility and advantages that laminates offer. Here every bark, depth, grain, or knot feels real to give u the warm and earthy feel that natural wood offers. It can be used as kitchen laminate.

Zero Finish Technology

Advance Emporio 1mm Decorative Laminates after the inclusion of Zero finish technology have a wide range of finest quality Zero Finish Laminates that are produced from the best of the material with strength and endurance to last a lifetime and the laminate sheets designs have varied options in colors, textures, feel and finish would certainly prove to be a delight for the prospective consumer. With the adoption of Zero finish technology in Advance Laminates, that is the latest development and most precise technology used for laminates, feel the natural, authentic and genuine touch, feel and look like wood veneer in decorative laminates. Read more »

Synchronized Laminates

Synchronized laminates are one of the best decorative created by man. Nature lovers who have an inclination towards embossed wood grain surface that truly matches natural wood grain textures, Synchronized laminates are the best option to choose from. The distinctively unique feature that makes this laminate so special is, it creates an additional unique character to each and every product design. Read more »

100% Glossy and Marble Series

The trend of using bright and glossy surfaces in furniture and wall panelling has been increasing day by day. To achieve the high gloss finish, a varied collection of surface items are used. Advance Glossy Decorative Laminates comes with special features like high gloss surface and abrasion resistance. High gloss laminates are a great alternative to natural wood veneer. Read more »

QR Code Scanner

With the introduction of the QR scanner where all the shades have been included, you just need to scan it and see the full view (8*4ft). With that a separate. It’s quite easy to use decorative laminates to beautify and refurbish the ambiance.

Design your home with truly international collection from Advance laminate, so that you can virtually visit the places sitting at your drawing-room. A truly global in appeal, this lifetime collection has everything to mesmerize you. With captivating color, superior technology, stunning designs, and surprising price this collection is a unique one. Moreover, laminate cost is quite affordable. Introduction to 1mm Laminate has redefined the concept of artistry for good. While the world has confined the boundaries of Mica, it is all out to explore what these excellent pieces can do. Laminates are fondly known as surface decor elements and, Advance decorative laminate has added life to the same with its striking concepts and awe-inspiring patterns. The company is also the largest mica distributor and mica exporter in India. Apart from that, you can apply Mica Sheet on any surface to give a real aesthetic look.


A complete dimensionally stable product with the unique resistance power against

  • Surface Wear
  • Any kind of Stain
  • Immersion of Boiling Water
  • Scratching
  • Cigarette Burns
  • Guaranteed Thickness.
  • High Quality Back Sanding with German Technology.
  • Zero Finish laminates have zero light reflection.
  • Dimensional stability at elevated temperatures.
  • Alluring patterns.


High pressure decorative laminated sheets

Size: 2440mm x 1220mm

Thickness: 1mm and 1.5mm

Finish: Suede Finish (SF), Matt, Glossy, Hairline, Leather, Steel, Fabric, Mini Squares, Horizontal, Vertical, Egyptian.

Maintainance: Clean with mild soap solutions or household detergent, abrasive cleaners should not be used, it is recommended for vertical use only. Avoid direct sunlight.

Resistance: To surface wear, immersion in boiling water, dry heat, impact by small die, Ball, cigarette burns, staining, scratches, color change in xenon light

Advance Zero finish laminates hold a great advantage over conventional as it is pocket friendly, highly decorative, easy maintenance, great choice of designs, and high resistance to microbial growth.


Advance Decorative Laminates is one of the major mica manufacturermica exporter, and mica distributor, as well as the leading mica dealer sources qualitative imported raw materials, the finest decorative mica sheet design paper sourced from various countries to provide a world-class look to laminates.

Unlike other brands, which resort to using local paper and poor results, Advance Decorative Laminate designs are always clean, fresh, and brighter and also last longer.

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