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0.8 MM Laminate

The One & Only - Advance 0.8mm Premium Decorative Laminates

Laminates Giving Away a Visual Arresting Interplay Of Trust and Strength to Your Homes

Advance 0.8 mm Decorative Laminates are hard and a brittle sheet to overlay on wooden furniture which gives them more fine and attractive looks. These Laminates are water-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and scratch-resistant and give decorative look to furniture. Advance is not just a brand, it is an ongoing story that is being told, and unfolding every moment. Advance means honesty and service. The honesty hints at the magnificent quality and durability of the brand, while the service means everything at advance, whatever you demand or we commit that gets etched on our heart. This when combined with the long-term vision, focused mission, and the eternal values, makes the ingredients of a brand that is here to stay till the end of time. Advance Decorative Laminates that is the best laminates supplier in India, is the name reckoned with international quality and superlative design. Here creativity and skills are blended together to bring out world-class laminates to beautify every inch of your design space. Our manufacturing facility is located in Hapur, an industrial town in north India, 30kms away from the capital city Delhi. Backed by several years of experience in panel trade, the promoters have set up a state of the art facility with the latest machinery sourced from around the globe. The design papers and finish molds are sourced from Europe to bring international quality designs and standards to our clients. 0.8 mm Decorative Laminates can be classified into various types based on the following:

  • Based on Manufacturing Process
  • Based on Usage
  • Based on Surface Finish
  • Based on Advanced Properties
  • Based on Built

The 0.8 mm Laminates range from the house of Advance Decorative Laminates offering a fabulous collection of laminates personifying strength and durability. With greater power to resist abrasion and higher colorfastness defines 0.8 mm Laminates to stand as a perfect match to your innovations. The different types of laminates would be Liner (where the thickness would vary more than 15%) and this is normally used for the inside of wardrobes or kitchen and it comes in thickness from 0.6mm, 0.72mm, and 0.9mm.  Laminates are a very popular cabinet surface solution in modern kitchens. Laminates are durable, stylish, high-performance surfacing solution that is commonly heat pressed on to wood sheets.


Laminates are synthetic compressed wood sheets fixed over MDF or particleboard. They vary in color and thickness. Different laminates of varying thickness are used in different parts of kitchen cabinets. The exposed parts of cabinets/drawers are usually affixed with a 2mm thick laminate, while inner portions of kitchen cabinets have a 0.8 mm Laminate. Edge bandings commonly have a 1 mm laminate sheet on them. Kitchen laminates act as a protection to the underlying wood while giving doors and cabinets their strength and durability. They usually stand their ground for many years despite heavy usage in most standard kitchens. Laminate doors don’t warp or fold with time like wood. They retain their shape for many years. Laminates hold color stain uniformly throughout and don’t show unevenness or splotches. Cabinets will, therefore, carry the same color throughout. The kitchen laminate sheets can be fitted in any color, design, or style. There are myriad options of patterns to choose from based on the specific style or design you are looking for in your home. 0.8 mm Laminates thickness – This is widely used for economy interiors, the laminate sheets also made by high pressing, and the thickness various is also similar to that of 1mm. Advance Decorative 0.8 mm Laminates has a strong and wide base on both bottom and top. These sheets have a fluid finish, which further enhances the beauty and serves as the perfect decorative.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy maintenance
  • Wear Resistant- better Abrasion for long life
  • Excellent stain resistance
  • Cost-Effective


Advance’s 0.8 mm Laminates are designed to suit a variety of applications like wall paneling, column claddings, wardrobes, shelves, home & office furniture, doors, cubicles, and other areas. The wide range of our laminates provides aesthetic appeals and finish to interior surfaces and make them more contemporary in tune to the new emerging trends. We have committed ourselves to uphold the highest manufacturing standards which have earned our manufacturing facility the ISO:9001, ISO:14001, and ISO:18001 certifications.

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