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Wooden Laminate is a special grade decor sheet that is used to cover the core of a wood project. The purpose is to change the appearance of the material to give an aesthetically pleasing look. Technically, the laminate sheets are thin sheets of wood that are made of veneers. The process includes plastics or other materials laminated to plywood or solid wood.

Examples of Laminated wood products:

1. Veneered wood

2. Laminated composites

3. Plywood

The core of the material differentiates wood laminates.

Types of cores in wood laminates:

Composite core –

Particleboard is one example of laminated composite. The primary constituents are wood fibers or particles that are glued together with resins, heat, and hydraulic pressure. MDL – Medium density laminate mostly resembles countertop laminates.

Advantages of laminated composite

1. Primary choice of builders and cabinetmakers for making cabinets and shelving.

2. Easy to clean and maintain.

3. The plastic surface and slick design resist moisture.

4. Wood-grain patterns are also available.

Plywood core –

In this case, multiple layers of real wood are used to make the core to give it toughness and strength. The durability of plywood depends upon the overlapping of grain patterns.

Why is wood laminate stronger than normal wood?

1. Wooden laminate is quite durable and easy to clean.

2. Depending on preferences and specifications, you can opt for different colors and patterns.

3. They are highly versatile. As per your convenience, it can be cut into required shapes depending upon the best fitting and setting.

4. Highly hygienic – Laminated wood repels bacteria via food spills or others!