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What Makes Plywood The Best Choice For Furniture

Plywood has been our go-to option for kinds of furniture used in homes, offices, restaurants, etc. for decades now. Due to its popularity, many builders and architects are currently seeking plywood as a substitute to solid wooden furniture. However, there is a number of plywood’s available in the market these days, thus it gets important to choose the best plywood for furniture as per the place and usage.

Plywood is a human-made wood structured by taking together thin veneer sheets with a resin under high pressure and it creates a thick, strong, and flexible flat sheet a new product altogether. It is usually preferred over wood as it is cheaper and doesn’t get warped nor does it shrink in the long run. Unlike any other building material, plywood is an affordable option that is not only versatile but also has the exact work and resemblance to wood. 

Plywood furniture making can be done with available variants of ply like softwood, hardwood, and various finishes. This material has many different uses such as flooring, roofing, making furniture including cabinets and wardrobes, wall sheathing and even some DIY projects. Plywood furniture can be made with different types of plywood which we are discussing below;

Types Of Plywood In The Market

Due to the rising usage and demand companies are coming up with new plywood and laminates types to cater our needs and there are over 18 types of plywood distinguished based on the type of wood used, its application and making process. However, let us concentrate on some basic types.

Moisture-Resistant Plywood– Also known as commercial ply by local vendors, MR plywood is used in interiors extensively. For every use it has good absorbing power to moisture and humidity, making it a favorite material in tropical areas. However, this is not waterproof.

Boiling Waterproof Ply– Amongst types of plywood, this is most favored for both interiors and exteriors and it is resistant to water as well which makes it best suitable for all weather conditions. It is mostly utilized for restructuring the bathroom doors, cabinets, and kitchen wooden shelves, where exposure to water is high. It is also used in wall cladding for exteriors purposes, moreover for staircases due to its waterproof nature.

Marine Ply- It is often associated with BWR and BWP ply by carpenters however, there are minimum similarities. As this material is in high-end quality and is very much water resistance. Thus, its applications are found majorly in boat making and other industries where exposure to water is high. So, the myth that marine ply is one of the best plywood for furniture making especially in kitchens is pointless unless you’re planning to keep your kitchen immersed in water all the time.

Advantages Of Plywood For Furniture

People have been using plywood for many years now and there is no doubt in saying that most of our furniture is made using plywood or engineered wood. It is because not many of us can afford quality wood like genuine teak or mahogany for our home furniture and are left with choosing advance plywood as the only alternative. So now lets’ see what are the advantages of using plywood furniture;

• Plywood is affordable in comparison to pure or genuine wood and is easy to work with it and you can as it allows you for speedy fabrication of any kind of furniture like sofas, chairs, cupboards, racks and shelves.

• Plywood has a flat, standard surface which is exemplary for making small and large table tops and counter tops and you can easily laminate it whenever needed. You can also use veneer over the top of it and otherwise polish it to give it a finishing look. 

• Whatever plywood you choose for usage it must be durable. Commercial-grade plywood is also cheaper and very effective for sofas and cupboards. However, for kitchens and bathrooms, it is advisable to use marine-grade plywood or some other fire-resistant plywood which also suits the purpose well.

• To get a more resourceful and designer-finished look at a lower price, you can choose plywood that can easily be moulded into various patterns and shapes. However, Plywood doesn’t get warps, twists, shrinks, cracks or rot with age.

• Plywood is available in various thickness levels. It also reduces time and labor as well as costs while preparing a particular design or structure. 

If you nearly plan to renovate your home or install new furniture then choose Advance Laminate Plywood and redesign your future with the finest grade and durable materials. To choose from a variety of plywood and laminates, visit us at [email protected] or you can call us at +91-9821698171, 18001034740.

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