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Waterproof Plywood

Waterproof plywood also known as Marine plywood or BWP Grade Plywood (Boiling Water Proof Grade Plywood) is manufactured with sheets of veneers assembled, then treated with phenol-formaldehyde. These are used in areas that come directly in contact with water. This special grade plywood is impervious, hence used in exterior applications and highly suitable in marine construction.

To avoid expansion, warping, or shrinking when exposed to moisture or water conditions, it can be laminated across the laying direction. The plywood is also borer and termite-proof.

What are the various ways to make waterproof plywood?

There are numerous ways and easy methods to make the plywood waterproof. Check out the best possible ways:

1. Application of waterproof paint – Waterproofing can be done by spraying or paint method. Materials used are oils, epoxy sealants, sealers, and liquid latex.

Waterproofing paint is only applied on the clean surface of the plywood. The paints help in filling the cracks and depressions over the surface. Note: before painting, any other paints or stains have to be removed.

2. Using a brush or a roller, liquid paint can be applied, but make sure to equally apply it on all six faces of the plywood. The application of paint layers may vary depending on the purpose of the plywood. For example: for kitchen cabinets, at least two coats of paints should be applied.

3. To preserve the long life, one needs to apply paint on the plywood at the end of each service year.

4. Adhesives play a great role – Stronger is the adhesive used during the manufacturing of the plywood, the higher will be the water resistance. Along with different waterproofing applications, water-resistant sealants and paints are some of the best-used applications.

Here are certain water absorption characteristics:

1. Permeability factors

2. The thickness of overlaid panels

3. The resin

4. The porosity

What are the advantages of waterproof plywood?

1. Waterproof – It is long-lasting after exposure to water.

2. The surface finish is excellent. As it is made from solid veneer wood, it gives a wooden appearance.

3. Although it can be used without any paint or mica, still paint makes it more durable.

4. In comparison to normal plywood, waterproof plywood is highly durable.

5. As the plywood is made of many thin pieces of wood, it is highly flexible. It can be folded as per requirement.

6. Uniform strength – There is general strength throughout the plywood.