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An amazing product from Advancelam is WATER PROOF PLYWOOD (WPP), which is manufactured from ingredients like rice husk, thermoplastic, calcium carbonate, and additives. The uniqueness of WPP is that it is similar to plywood in its feel, smell, color, and touch with incomparable features like 100% waterproof, 100 % termite-proof, and fire-retardant properties.  Advancelam WPP has a scratchy surface just like that of plywood, which helps any glue for pasting laminates. Advancelam has high dimensional stability and does not warp in the changing weather. It is 100% Eco friendly. It comes with a lifetime guarantee and a perfect replacement of PLYWOOD, MDF OR HDF board because of its specific features:

Specific Features:

  • No effect of water for a lifetime
  • 0% chance of termite and borer
  • Zero chance of bending and twisting
  • 100% free from harmful chemicals like phenol and formaldehyde

As we all know, no plywood in this world is waterproof and termite proof because of its cellulose content. It is bound to be affected by the water and termites. At the same time, it is also true that we can treat or season plywood by various techniques and methods to make it durable and enhance its natural resistance against water and termites to some extent. And this treated and seasoned plywood is being promoted in the market as waterproof.