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Vastu Tips For Good Health

You always hear “health is wealth”. Whereas, today’s hectic and busy schedules do not give much time to get indulged in activities which are really healthy. Ultimately, most of us suffer from stress and lifestyle related disorders. However, using right Vastu in building designs and aesthetics can cause mental peace and comfort by enlightening the occupants. It promotes good health too.


Not of one room, but Vastu Tips of the entire house should be considered to promote good health and peaceful mind.

Vastu tips

Here are general Vastu guidelines:

  • Lighting a candle or lamp in the northeast direction promotes good health.
  • Do not use space below stairs as toilet or kitchen as it can cause heart and nervous disorders.
  • Never let the taps drip as dripping of taps produces negative energy and signifies deteriorating health.
  • Face north or east while studying as it promotes good memory.
  • Plant Tulsi to purify the air. Avoid cactus, rubber, Bonsai and other milky plants as they signify stress and illness.
  • Do not build stairs or toilets in the northeast corner as it can hamper growth of children and causes health related issues.

Vastu guidelines for bedroom:

  • Avoid northeast to construct a bedroom, but place your master bedroom in southwest direction to ensure physical and mental well-being.
  • Sleeping with head in south direction promotes a healthy lifestyle. Whereas, sleeping in north direction causes stress and aches.
  • Pregnant women should avoid sleeping in northeast direction to prevent the chances of miscarriage or abortion.
  • A bed with storage causes brain and heart diseases.
  • Avoid wrought iron beds, choose wooded beds.
  • Sleeping under light beams leads to headache, depression, and memory loss, so avoid it.
  • Placing bed in front of a mirror causes nightmares. Don’t make such an arrangement.
  • Do not place your bed along the toilet wall as it attracts negative energy.
  • Keep electronic gadgets away from bed while sleeping.

Vastu guidelines for kitchen:

  • Southeast direction is ideal for kitchen.
  • Cooking and eating in the east promote digestion and good health.
  • Kitchen in the northeast direction promotes accidents and serious health problems.
  • Do not construct kitchen and toilet together. They should maintain a big distance from each other.

Choose directions carefully while constructing your house to stay healthy, happy and peaceful.

Watch this space for more useful Vastu guidelines by Advance Decorative Laminates.

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