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Vastu For Bedroom – Create A Space For Relaxation And Peace

Bedroom is synonymous with rest and peace. When compliant with Vastu, it channels positivity and makes the space more restful and relaxing.

Vastu For Bedroom

Since the concept of Vastu is based on the flow of cosmic energy or prana, it emphasises on ideas and concepts which improve the flow of energy within a space. These ideas and concepts are applied to the design and architecture of the house to positively influence an individual’s life. Following the Vastu guidelines can also help one maintain a harmony with the five elements of nature – earth, air, water, fire and space.

Listed here are seven important Vastu tips for bedroom to welcome prosperity:

  1. The door to bedroom is considered the gateway to opportunities, so it must open fully or at least ninety degrees. If the door doesn’t open like this, it can bring hurdles in your life.

  2. Keep the area as much clutter free as possible to make it Vastu compliant. Clutter under your bed can bring stress in your life. However, neat and organized room creates a sense of order and also gives a feel of more space in your room.

  3. Slanted ceilings and exposed beams symbolise oppression and disturb the energy flow. Bed should never be placed directly underneath these ceilings or beams as it can disturb the peaceful sleep. Covering them with false ceiling is recommended.

  4. Avoid placing a mirror opposite the foot. When you sleep, you release stress and a mirror can hold it and reflect it back. For a peaceful sleep, move the mirror to the side of the bed or cover it in the night.

  5. Things which give you peace and happiness should be in your line of sight when entering the bedroom. Family photos, flowers, painting, or quotes can enhance positive emotions.

  6. Avoid sleeping in direct alignment with sharp corners such as stool, table or chair. Bedrooms with sharp edged objects lack serenity. Place a plant near them to counter the effect and reduce negative energy.

  7. Blood in our body contains iron, so it is magnetic and positive. Since positive energy flows from the north, sleeping with head in this direction cause two positive polarities to repel each other. It disrupts the flow of the blood, thus sleep and health. Sleeping with head towards south is advised.

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