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The Pros Of Working With 0.8mm Laminates

The manufacturing process of Decorative Laminates uses cutting-edge technology. The laminate sheets are made from resins and high-quality paper, pressed with the right amount of heat and pressure. Altogether, 0.8mm laminates have taken the home decor as well as commercial decor industry by storm. The laminate sheets posses awesome properties like; resistance to stains and scratches, and availability of wide range of colours and textures.

It also offer plenty of impressive designs that can cover almost any type of place. Now, let us take a look at the main advantages of using 0.8mm decorative laminates for the purpose of home and office interior decor.

The laminate sheets act as an overlay on wooden furniture which gives them more fine and attractive looks. It personify strength and durability. 0.8mm laminates are also very popular for cabinet surface solution in modern kitchens.

Pros of working with of 0.8mm Decorative Laminates

Easy to install

0.8mm decorative laminate sheets are easy to install and offer hassle free service. The laminate sheets are made with modern technology, architectural skill and artists’ creativity.

Wide range of customization

The customization level of the laminate sheets are almost endless. People with different tastes can utilize it as per the adornment of their personal or work space. You can customize your space with the help of the laminate sheets as per your preferences.

Accommodation for changing taste

People get bored with the passage of time, they need something new. 0.8mm decorative laminates offer an excellent substitute that gives you the freedom to experiment at your will.

Highly durable

The manufacturing process make the laminate sheets tough and durable. Actually, it has been made from a combination of stain resistant and protective materials. The laminate sheets are made to last long. It also provide the customers with full value for their money. They are also easy to maintain, also, further reduces your expenses.

Applications of 0.8mm laminates

  • Wall paneling
  • Column claddings
  • Home & office furniture, etc

Advance Decorative Laminates can revolutionize the decor of your living spaces. It offer an array of beautiful designs. Moreover, our 0.8mm laminates catalogue will surely leave you spoilt for choice.

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