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The Pros Of Decorative Laminate Sheets Over Tiles

When it comes to decorative surfacing materials, both decorative laminates and tiles are among the most standard choices, but at some points the similarity ends. Though both the surface décor products are available in a wide array of designs and texture, still then you need to understand the difference between them and which is the best for decorating purpose.

Check out the advantages of laminate sheets over tiles:

Decorative Laminate Sheets

Decorative Laminate sheets are made of numerous layers of thermosetting-resins on Kraft paper, at diverse heat and pressure density. They have a width of between 0.6 mm to 1.5 mm and are available in a wide array of colour and texture options.

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Pros of laminate sheets

1. Laminates are the flawless choice to create the appeal of real wood.

2. Offered in a wide range of designs, colours, and textures, decorative laminates help you attain practically any desired look and feel.

3. Laminates can be applied on interior spaces like wall panels, cupboards, cabinets and furniture.

4. Laminate sheets have a very high dimensional stability.

5. Laminates are highly resistant to surface wear and cracks.

Cons of Tiles

1. Tiles have a tendency to be colder and harder as equated to laminate sheets which are warmer in winter.

2. Tiles have a stiff surface & they easily crack and scratch if solid objects drop on them.

3. Tiles are heavy and delicate, and consequently, call for great carefulness during shipping, storage, and installation.

4. The fixing of tiles is an awkward process that requires noteworthy man-hours and resources.

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In the light of the above-mentioned pros and cons, it would be safe to say that laminates signify a largely better choice to create a fashionable appeal.  Advance Decorative Laminates manufactures the best quality laminate sheets that are pocket friendly as well as available in a wide range of textures and colours. To talk over your requirements or learn more about our laminate sheets, simply call- 18001034740 | +91 9821698171 or send email- [email protected].

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