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Vastu Shastra is important not only for residential settings, but also business houses. It is a science that is applied with ‘Atharvaveda’ (Economics) to guide architecture, construction and interior design for success and prosperity.

Guidelines of Vastu Shastra are to balance five elements of the environment, known as ‘Panchbhutas’ – Water, Fire, Air, Earth and Space.


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Let’s check some important Vastu tips for office to ensure growth of your business:

  • While looking for a land for office or other commercial requirements, opt for Shermukhi plots (broader from front and narrow at end). A land close to highly operational road is a great choice.
  • Office building facing north, north-east or north-west brings positive energy and good luck.
  • Vastu says north or east facing entrance door of office is perfect. Also, there should not be placed anything that can create obstacle in front of entrance.
  • Reception in the east or north-east is fine. Central part of the building should be empty.
  • Owner’s cabin should be in south-west direction and his/her face should be in north while working. No idols or temple should be placed at the back of owner’s chair. Concrete wall, not glass structure, should be at the back. The working table should be rectangular in shape.
  • For staff, they should sit facing north or east. No window or door should be at the back.
  • North-west is the direction to build conference rooms.
  • Irregularly shaped workstations should be avoided.
  • In the north-east, you can place an aquarium.
  • Files should be placed in the cabinets made on western sides of the wall.
  • Bank papers and files should be kept in southwest corners.
  • Keep sensitive files of court cases in north-eastern direction.
  • Office should be clean and clutter-free as cleanliness attracts the Dhan Laxmi.
  • Do not construct the toilet in the northwest zone as it will hamper financial success. White horses should be placed in this corner as they symbolise financial support.

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