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If you believe “less is more”, then modern designer laminates give just the right thing for your interior. Simple yet stylish, modern designer laminates please every home buyer as well as interior designer for bringing out the perfect balance of class and elegance. You can say that creating a modern minimalist house design is quite simple with laminates. Choose the colour and design you like and you will see your home reflecting your personality.

Considering the space crisis that exists today, homeowners look for interior plans which can give a feeling of more space and less clutter with increased room for light. With a clean design and smart application, designer laminates can be the special ingredient for making the space lively and attractive.



Here’s how to use designer, decorative laminates for a simple but classy interior:

Brighter on walls

Bright colours on walls make a space large and inviting. Choose light coloured laminates for your living room or bedroom walls to create the effect. To balance this simple effect, use furniture in natural tones such as brown or beige. It will also add up comfort to your room.

Create a focal point with laminates

Choose laminates in your favourite colours to create a focal point. Put a smaller number of decorative articles in the area which you want to highlight. Select well-built décor items which are designed to last. It will also prove economical in the long-run.

Laminates in kitchen décor

Natural hues and simple patterns of laminates on kitchen cabinets can enhance the overall look and feel of any interior. Doing this will completely transform the way you perceive your kitchen space.

Laminates in living room

Decorative laminates look good on cabinets and furniture placed in living area. Make a careful colour selection to find hues which are soothing to eyes. Use green plants in the area to bring the nature in.

Once your interior is done and you are in love with the new design, put every effort to keep your space clean. Minimalist design favours well-organised spaces and looks good when things are placed where they are meant to be. So, when you will glace through your space, your mind will get filled with happiness and peace.



Stay tuned for more updates on decorative laminates and making them a part of your interior design plans. Trust Advance Decorative Laminates for the kind of laminate you need for your interior.


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