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This Is The Reason Why Plywood Is Used In Solid Wood Furniture

When you are buying handcrafted solid wood furniture, you wish it to look beautiful and last for years to come. Regular maintenance will cost you more and this is where Plywood comes to rescue. Plywood is a suitable material that is used even in the finest solid wood furniture. It is evident that solid wood moves and to handle the movement of the wood, plywood is used to avoid the risk of cracking.

The phenomenon behind the movement of Wood

It is well known that wood is a natural material that absorbs moisture from the air as well as releases it. In the due course, the wood expands and shrinks across its width. Although the movements are small and happen over time, it is enough to damage the wood and cause the crack. There is no way to stop this process.

Why Plywood is used to avoid cracks in Solid Wood

Plywood is the perfect material that is used to avoid cracking in solid wood furniture.

  •  Plywood is light and reduces the weight of a piece of furniture.
  • They are thin and don’t absorb light, hence, won’t expand and contract like solid wood.
  • Plywood offers stability to solid wood furniture.
  • It gives wood furniture a solid attractive and aesthetic look.

Places Where Plywood is Used in Solid Wood Furniture

  • Cabinet doors and panels.
  • Hutch backs.
  • Bed panels.
  • Bookshelves.
  • Backs of desks that go against a wall.

Frames in “Case Woods” are susceptible to cupping and warping, in this case also use of Plywood is very helpful. Plywood panels are used in drawer bottoms to prevent the solid wood frames from cracking apart.

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