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Quality Control

Advance Laminates is committed to total consumer satisfaction through product quality and ready supply. Our raw materials are sourced from one of the best manufacturers/ Suppliers. The incoming raw materials are chosen thoroughly for all quality parameters and then taken for production of laminates. The product quality is monitored at every stage and tested at regular periods by the quality control department.

In accordance with the Indian standards for High-Pressure Decorative Laminates, some quality tests are conducted on samples of finished laminate sheets, and the results are checked for conformance to acceptable values. These tests are primarily intended to check the resistance of the finished laminates to externally induced adverse conditions, as also judge the quality of the sheets based on appearance, and dimensional stability.

Quality Checks at ADVANCE Laminates

Resistance Test

  • Resistance to scratches
  • Resistance to surface wear
  • Resistance to immersion in boiling water (increase in thickness and mass, and change in appearance are noted)
  • Resistance to burns
  • Resistance to steam
  • Resistance to staining
  • Resistance to scratching
  • Resistance to cracking
  • Resistance to color change (when exposed to Xenon arc lights and Carbon arc lights)
  • Resistance to impact (the laminate sheet is impacted with a small diameter ball)
  • Resistance to heat (dry heated to 180-degree centigrade)

Decorative Laminates are most commonly used as an overlay over wooden substrates such as plywood, particle boards or MDF. The laminates should be good enough to protect the wood and hence should have high resistance to common furniture problems such as scratching and stains. All these tests are designed to check the strength of the laminate and its resistive properties in tough conditions.

Dimensional stability Test

The laminate sheet should not vary too much in size when the temperature changes. The sheets should retain their original dimensions to a good extent. Tests are carried out to check the dimensions of the sheet at a temperature of 20-degree centigrade, and at deviated temperatures.


Appearance is a crucial aspect of decorative laminates, not in the sense of designs or patterns used, but that the laminate sheet should be free of any foreign particles.

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