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What Are The Reasons Why PVC Laminates Are Much Better Than Plywood?

PVC Laminates and Plywood are widely used for house or office needs. Although in terms of renovation or remodelling works, PVC and Plywood have equal importance and value, PVC Laminates are broadly used when compared to the plywood.

Here are the points to validate the answer to why PVC Laminates are much better than Plywood.

1. Kitchen area is most exposed to moisture and heat and it is where plywood lags behind. Both the conditions are not sustained by plywood whereas PVC has high longevity and durability and can sustain to heat and moisture. Thus PVC will be a perfect choice.

2. PVC is very flexible as compared to plywood. It is very flexible to cut out shape PVC laminate sheet.

3. Before installation, PVC doesn’t need any polish. As compared to that plywood should certainly be polished to get a complete look after installation and completion of all works.

4. PVC doesn’t split when exposed to heat and moisture whereas plywood isn’t resistant to heat and moisture.

5. PVC is made of recycled waste plastic and wood, there is absolutely no need to cut trees.

6. There is absolutely no limit of designs and textures in PVC Laminate sheets. So, can be used for various decorative purposes. This not in the case of plywood.

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