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PVC laminate Vs Acrylic | Pros Of PVC Over Acrylic Finish

A good finish can give home interiors a superb look and feel whether it is your modular kitchen cabinets or wardrobes. Both PVC laminate sheets and Acrylic are popular choice. These are comparatively two different kind of decorative sheets. But PVC laminates hold great advantages over Acrylic. Check out the comparative checklist we have put together for you.

PVC laminate vs Acrylic – Advantages of PVC over Acrylic finish:

PVC laminates are multi layered, pre-processed decorative sheets based on poly vinyl chloride, made by pressing together paper with plastic resins. Available in matte or glossy finishes, the laminate sheets are thin, and can be bent without breaking.

Acrylic on the other hand made of polymer fibre, is similar to lacquer. It is a durable option that leaves a reflective and glossy sheen on the surface, which lasts for years. It is available in a wide range of bright colours which uplift the aesthetics of your interiors, with glossy red being a popular choice.

1. As compared to acrylic, PVC laminates are the more economical option, high durability and availability of wide range of textures and colours.

2. PVC laminates are available in a wide range of textures such as matte, textured, metal, gloss, and ultra-gloss. Whereas, in case of acrylic, you may not always find the same hue in the market if you are going for replacement.

3. PVC laminates are more durable compared to acrylic although acrylic is also moisture and UV resistant.

4. PVC is budget friendly in case of renovating kitchen cabinets. Moreover, PVC is widely used for office cabinets.

PVC laminate is a proven material for specifiers who demand the highest quality standard.

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