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Pros And Cons Of Plywood For Furniture Making

People have been using plywood for many years now. There is no doubt in saying that most of our furniture is made using plywood or engineered wood. Not many of us can afford quality wood like genuine teak or mahogany for our home furniture and are left with choosing advance plywood as the only alternative that weights out many of its disadvantages.

Let us tell you why plywood is the best choice for furniture making and the pros of plywood for furniture.

• Plywood is affordable in comparison to pure or genuine wood.

• You can easily work with it and you can as it allows you for speedy fabrication of any kind of furniture that includes sofas, chairs, cupboards, racks and shelves.

• Plywood has a flat, standard surface which is exemplary for making small and large table tops and counter tops.

• It can be laminated with ease. You can also apply veneer on top of it and polish it to give it a finish with melamine resin.

• Whatever plywood you choose, it will be durable. Commercial grade plywood is generally cheaper and good for cupboards and sofas. For kitchens and bathrooms and any kind of exteriors, choose the marine grade plywood or fire-resistant plywood to suit the purpose well.

• To achieve more versatile designed finishes at a lower price, you can always choose plywood that can easily be cut into various patterns and shapes.

• Both laminated or veneered plywood can be used for wall paneling and flooring.

• Plywood never warps, twists, shrinks, cracks or rot with age. Marine and FR grades have a better resistance to wood borers and termites.

• Plywood is available in various thickness levels. It also reduces time and labor as well as cost.

There are only a very few cons of plywood. Let’s take a look at them:

• Plywood cannot be carved like regular hardwoods which makes it a negative point when you wish to choose carved or aesthetic furniture.

• Plywood can chip or splinter at times if one of the layers of veneer is not cut carefully while making the plywood.

Planning to renovate your home and install new furniture? Well, now you can choose Advance Plywood and redesign your furniture with the finest grade and durable laminates. To choose from a variety of laminates, visit us on [email protected] or you can call us on +91-9821698171 , 0120-4021709.

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