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Modern Interior Wall Panelling Styles You Can Create With Decorative Laminate

For a property to maintain its beauty for years to come, it is highly essential to protect it from inside as well as outside. Decorative Laminates are a unique material that can provide beauty and damage resistance to your interior walls. Decorative Laminates when used for wall panelling protects surfaces from moisture and abrasion while enhancing the aesthetic factor.

We’ll share some 2020 design trends and modern interior wall panelling styles you can create with decorative laminates

Jungle Wood Laminate

Jungle Wood Laminate that is impervious to abrasions, dents, moisture and scratches & amazingly finished and polished by incorporating modern technologies. Because of its intricate wooden finishing and patterns, it goes perfectly well with the interior of any type. The speciality of this laminate sheet is; there is no need for floor waxing as you can easily clean this wood laminate using a broom and a slightly damp mop.

Ultra Matt Laminate

Ultra Matt Decorative Laminate makes it a suitable option for high-traffic zones, with an innovative super matt finish. It can be used in applications with a pleasant aesthetic appeal. Ultra Matt can be integrated into any style owing to the versatile neutral colour range.

Unicore Laminate

Unicore Laminates are a special class of decorative laminates that offer similar design patterns throughout the surface and the core. It overcomes common laminate-problems such as the formation of dark edges. It is an excellent surfacing solution suitable across all interior spaces.

Final Note:

Advance Decorative Laminate offers premium quality laminate sheets with the latest design trends that uplift the look of your home or commercial space. For a quote or to get more information on available decorative laminate sheets, call 18001034740 | +91 9821698171. You can also write to [email protected].

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