Many people have a common notion that Mica/Sunmica and High-Pressure Laminates (Decorative Laminates) are three different decorative products. But, traditionally speaking Mica, Sunmica and Laminates are the one and same product. In India, different names of the same product are uttered interchangeably by a different set of groups.


Basically, Sunmica is the brand of laminates which became very popular in the Indian subcontinent. When taken over by AICA Laminates India Pvt Ltd., Sunmica became a household name and still, millions of people in India call the product by this name. Sunmica is one of the earliest and most popular brand names in India. Sunmica laminate sheets have a very high brand recall amongst its buyers.


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Mica can be seen as a type of Laminate that is used in abundance in the Indian Subcontinent. It is basically a decorative laminate sheet used as an overlay over the wooden surface.

Mica / Laminates Colours:

Mica/Sunmica or laminate flooring comes in a variety of colours with a large variety of popular shades to give an aesthetic look at both commercial and residential interiors.