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Laminates For Modern Surfacing Needs

When it comes to decorative surface material, laminates top the chart. Available in a variety of colours, design and patterns, laminates successfully satisfy the needs and demands of homeowners as well as interior designers. Simply put, laminates are decorative materials which are applied on the top of a substrate such as wood, plywood, MDF (medium-density fireboard) or a particle board to give it a stylish finish. Laminates are extremely durable and low maintenance surface finish options which are easy to apply on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces. Popularly, it is known among users as Sunmica laminates.

Choices are endless:

Highly versatile in nature, laminates can adorn any corner of your home or office. Not only they are aesthetically appealing, but extremely durable and add strength to the surface. Advance Decorative Laminates, a leading brand of laminates, provides a huge variety of eye-catching laminates to enhance the appeal of your space. The products come in a variety of forms to suit individual needs and taste.

There are specially designed laminates for the kitchen area. As expected, colour and design options are endless. There are HD gloss laminates for a superb finish and add a dash of luxury to the space. It is the best fit in modern interior plans. Next popular choice is laminates in metallic finish. These are special products with a shiny surface finish and carry additional strength to impart durability to the surface. Besides kitchen, they are perfectly applied on other areas too.

Then there are simple liners, laminates with lining which are well-suited for structures such as tables, wardrobe, table drawers, shutters and other furniture items to give a rich and stylish finish. There are myriad colour options to choose from.

Laminates for kid’s room are extremely popular among young parents. There are interesting options for boys and girls in vibrant colours.

Digital laminates are quite popular. In fact, they present an interesting world of art and craft to completely redefine the interior design. Available in a variety of readymade and custom designs, they provide infinite décor possibilities in classy hues.

Have laminates on mind? Explore stunning interior design possibilities with one of the leading laminate providers – Advance Decorative Laminates. Choose from the best Sunmica sheet designs in India to give a royal touch to your interior.

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