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Laminated Plywood

Laminated plywood: When laminate sheets are glued to the plywood for decorative and protective purposes. In other words, when plywood is finished by adding a laminate sheet on its surface, the final product is laminated plywood.

What are the advantages of using laminated plywood?

1.The Plywoods are resistant to the impact of various weather conditions.

2.Laminated plywood is resistant to water and moisture.

3.It is also resistant to chemicals as well.

4.The panels are highly durable with high longevity, in fact, more than decorative laminates.

What are the types of laminated plywood?

There is a wide array of laminated plywood available depending on the type of laminates that are used.

Here are the types:

1. Depending on the pressure applied –

a) High-pressure laminates – This type of plywood is made by attaching decor paper to the sheet at high pressure. The final product is capable of bearing a heavy load, and are extremely durable.

b) Low-pressure laminates – In this case, laminates are applied on particleboard, MDF, etc., decorative paper is soaked in melamine resin & applied onto the board.

2. Based on thickness –

a) Regular sheets – The thickness range from .8mm to 1.5mm. Using adhesives, they manually are glued to the plywood.

b) Compact sheets – The thickness range from 3mm to 30mm. These types of laminated plywoods are self-supportive and can be used for certain applications.

3. Based on how it is to be used –

a) Industrial laminates

b) Decorative laminates

Advantages of Industrial laminates:

– These are used for industrial applications.

– They have high strength and durability.

– Highly resistant to fire and scratch.

– It is capable of withstanding wear and tear.

What are the uses of laminated plywood?

1. Interior as well as exterior applications.

2. It can be used for furniture making.

3. It can be used to make doors, sheathing partitions, shelves, false ceilings, cabinets, etc.

4. Interior decorations in hospitals, large industries, airports, banks, and hotels.

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