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What Are The Innovative Design Ideas With Advance 1mm Laminates?

When it comes to innovative design ideas, 1mm Decorative Laminates has so much to offer. The wide range of colours, textures, and finishing can transform your dream space into a whole new look. The international quality & superlative textures and designs are enough to give a real aesthetic look and feel. In this article, we bring in the innovative design ideas with 1mm Decorative Laminates to give a more realistic look.

Laminates for Wall Panelling

One of the major advantages of using 1mm laminates is; it can easily mimic a variety of materials: wood, stone and even tile. Most of the architects, interior designers prefer the laminate sheets as it is still a more affordable way to get that visual effect. It is easy to install, unlike older versions that required glue.

Wooden Texture Laminates at the living room for a serene and soothing atmosphere

wooden texture

The beauty of Zero Finish Laminates at high traffic places like Office

Laminate Countertops

The trend of using 1mm laminates in countertops and cabinets at the residential remodelling and design industry is increasing day by day. It is highly cost-effective as the money you save on countertops allows you to splurge on other items. The use of stone texture throughout the countertop is trending. Other options include High gloss and matte that also provide a well-finished and modern look.

Things to do:

  • To clean the countertop, use a mild detergent with water and a nylon brush and wipe in a circular motion.
  • Never use harsh, abrasive cleaners or materials, which can cause permanent staining.

Other use of 1mm Laminates

Use of 1mm Decorative Laminates isn’t limited to traditional floors and countertops.

  • The wood laminate headboard wall
  • Laminate kitchen cabinets are an inexpensive option

So are you really willing to give your dream space a whole new look? Try Advance Decorative Laminates today!

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