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HPL Exterior Cladding Gives Your Home Classy Look -Advance Laminate

HPL Exterior Cladding Laminate is a common approach to enhance the appearance of a newly constructed or remodeled exterior. These panels are produced on laminate machines at high pressure and temperature in accordance with international standards. It maintains the longevity of the building’s exterior by providing superior weather protection with two hardened resins. In accordance with modern trends, Advance Laminate has designed a variety of façade-covering materials with elegant designs.


Factors to think about when choosing exterior wall cladding

Wall cladding on the outside of buildings protects them and makes them appear preferable. One’s choice of cladding will have a tremendous effect on how the home looks, how much it costs to build, and how much it’s worth. So, one needs to pick the best cladding for the home and the budget. When deciding on exterior cladding, think about the following:


The Hpl exterior cladding one chooses should protect the house from changing weather patterns. The design of the installation and the material used to cover it must keep vermin out. Always choose cladding with a surface that doesn’t react with anything to make the building more impervious.


The total insulation value of a building might even go up if the structure’s cladding systems are supported. Putting cladding on the outside of a building could help keep the temperature inside at a decent level. The better the insulation grade of the cladding you choose, the more energy you will save.

Being preferable and durable

The choice of cladding has a big effect on the quality, longevity, and durability of the building. The durability of the cladding should match how long the building is expected to last. You should put cladding on your house to make it worth more.

Costing is affected by things like the ability to build and the availability of materials. One should not choose cheap cladding that sacrifices quality. Therefore, evaluate price but also value. A pricey item might save you money in the long run.


The cost of cladding depends on how much maintenance it needs. The less maintenance you have to do, the more money you will save in the long run.


Distinctive Attributes

The HPL Laminate, which is mostly used in outdoor applications as a self-supporting HPL Compact, satisfies the following criteria:

  • Weather Adaptability and Aging Effectiveness

Exterior Advance Laminates cladding panels may be directly affected by both sunlight and weather conditions like rain, hail, and dust from the wind. Surface contamination may be caused in part by exhaust fumes and acid rain. It doesn’t change because of excessive heat, and its physical and mechanical properties don’t change either. Environmental factors, like going from -10°C to +60°C or from a dry climate to 90% relative humidity, have no effect on how the panel looks.

  • Stability in dimensions

With the best environmental conditions, there isn’t much change in size due to atmospheric effects. It shrinks in places with low humidity and grows in places with high humidity. The compactness of Advance Laminates exterior cladding panels has great mechanical properties, such as flexural, tensile, compressive, and impact strength, because they are so firm together. The high density and regularity of the panels allow for the best retention.

  • Physical vigor and the aging process

High-Pressure Laminate has a high elasticity modulus, bending strength, and shock resistance due to its composition, as well as a low weight per area and excellent weathering resistance.

  • Water repellency 

HPL is resistant to precipitation, humidity, and wet environments. It is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to water.

  • non-corrosive in nature.

HPL is a non-metallic construction material that is resistant to corrosion in the face of damaging forces. Exhausts and acid rain have almost no effect on HPL. No delamination will occur.

  • Selection of hues and lightfastness.

When exposed to visible light, especially UV rays, colour pigments deteriorate. HPL utilizes the most stable and ecologically friendly pigments. Compact laminates according to EN 438-6 Type EGF/EGS are often available in lighter shades.

Maintenance and cleaning

After routine cleaning and maintenance, HPL Exterior Cladding needs no more upkeep or maintenance. For cleaning boards that just have a small coating of dirt on them, warm or hot water will serve the purpose. After installation, if the boards get filthy, clean them with water, soap, or a mild detergent that is not abrasive, and then rinse them with water. If detergent cannot be used to clean the surface, you should not scratch or otherwise damage it. In order to get information on how to remove unusual stains, such as graffiti, please get in touch with Advance Laminates. We are always there to help.