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Horizontal Or Vertical- Which laminate To Use And Why

Decorative Laminates are one of the most popular decor solutions when it comes to renovating furniture, walls, flooring, kitchen space, etc. To give a stylish and stunning look and appeal, laminate sheets are used on substrates like plywood or wooden articles.

The decorative sheets are highly durable and low maintenance. It can be easily applied on a surface to transform its look.

Application areas of decorative laminate sheets:

1. It is widely used onto kitchen cabinets, all sort of furniture, and wardrobes.

2. The laminate sheets can be used in residential as well commercial.

3. Kitchen cabinets, kitchen space.

The availability of wide range of textures and colours are perfect for application onto both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Available in metallic to textured, Advance Decorative Laminates offer a huge assortment of collections to give a rich and stylish look to your surface.

1. Interior designing is an artistry that gives an illusion of large space when done smartly.

2. Horizontal laminates and vertical grain laminates play a special role in the renovation of your space.

3. You can use horizontal laminates if you want to create an artistic impression of your space.

4. If you want to give your space a more spacious look, use vertical ones.

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A few creative ideas with Horizontal & Vertical laminates:

1. Horizontal Laminates: Kitchen cabinets featuring horizontal grain laminates look more spacious.

2. Horizontal + Vertical Laminates: Large panels of horizontal and vertical patterned laminates in a combination can make a strong style statement.

3. For taller cabinets: It can create an illusion of height.

4. Walls adorned with horizontal grain laminates: It provides a nice feel of spaciousness.

5. Kitchen featuring horizontal and vertical patterns: If you want to give a minimalist look, contrasting color combinations has a luxurious feel.

6. The combination of horizontal and vertical: It can also be used in a trendy exterior home design.

Advance Decorative Laminates offer a wide range of highly flexible laminate sheets in both vertical and horizontal that can help realize many creative design ideas for interior as well as exterior. To discuss your requirements or learn more about our products, simply call 18001034740 | +91 9821698171, or email us at: [email protected].