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High Pressure Laminate Wall Cladding Buying Guide

Whether you are building your dream house or a commercial building to house business offices, selecting HPL wall cladding has proven to be a wise choice. This heavy-duty surface solution is optimum for a variety of applications. Along with great durability, high-pressure laminates cladding outperforms with its unrivalled aesthetic appeal. While you can always trust Advance Laminates to guide you through the ideal surface solutions for your space, here are a few points you can ponder over before setting out to buy wall claddings.

High Pressure Laminate Wall Cladding

  1. Set Your Objectives

Before setting out to buy wall cladding it is quite important to set your objectives right. In order to do that, one should carefully examine the area of installation, climatic considerations, possibility of scratches or dust accumulation. One should also factor in moisture or water seepage in the area.

  1. Look Into Features

HPL wall cladding is not just for visual appearance. The wall panels should be primarily chosen for protection against harsh climates, stains, scratches, and surface abrasion. There are also various options in the market that can also offer properties such as anti-graffiti, fire retardancy, and UV resistance.   

  1. Easy To Install

One should also ask the supplier for cladding options that are easy to install. Easy-to-install wall cladding can help you in three ways by reducing the time, effort, and cost of installation. 

  1. Easy To Maintain

While considering installation, one should also consider if the material used in the wall panel is easy to maintain or not. Usually, wall claddings for exterior applications require minimal maintenance. General resistance to dirt, dust, and stains can easily help preserve the actual sheen of the panels by simply wiping them with a cloth.

  1. Proper Certifications

The most important consideration while investing in HPL wall cladding is to check for the proper certifications that clearly state the compliance of the panels with domestic and international quality standards.   


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