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With their flexibility, versatility and their ability to gel in with any design scheme, laminates prove to be a cost-effective alternative to wood. Laminates have a longer shelf life, no additional polishing cost is required, and Laminates have zero maintenance cost.


Advance Laminates has set a quality benchmark in the interior designing industry. Advance Lam offers some of the finest grade compact and durable laminates in India. Incepted in 2016, the company is headquartered in Hapur and is a subsidiary of highly renowned Amba Group (established in 1991). Laminates are resilient and flexible products with unlimited potential in the interior.


Laminates can come in different or with all of the following: Abrasion-proof, Heat-resistant, Water-resistant, Impact-resistant and their Colors will not fade.


Care Tips

Laminates are undoubtedly the most popular-priced choice for all types of furniture, doors, tabletops and more. Their broad application needs them to be stable and resistant to external environmental factors like high or low temperature.

Here are some things you should bear in mind if you want to keep laminate sheets looking new –

Gentle Scrubbing

The secret to sanitation lies in patience. Gentle scrubbing for a couple of minutes is more efficient in removing stains from decorative laminates than a round of effortful rubbing.

Dusting Through Duster

Use a clean and a damp, nonabrasive cotton cloth along with a mild liquid detergent. Always rinse it with fresh water using a clean cotton cloth. Make sure you don’t flood laminate sheets with water.

What to consider to avoid cracks in laminates?

Carefully avoid reasons for cracks in laminates.

Reason 1: Insufficient gap between the laminates to expand

When two laminates are glued without a gap, expansion can cause stress and crack at the point of contact. Therefore, always remember to leave a gap of at least 2mm while glueing two laminates so that pressure doesn’t arise. This gap prevents crack and overlap while joining two laminates together.

Reason 2: Variation in the moisture content of laminate, substrate and worksite

If the moisture content of the laminate or substrate is not similar to the humidity conditions at the worksite, then laminate is highly prone to cracks. In order to bring their moisture content at the same level, put laminate and substrate at the worksite 48 hours prior to beginning working. Along with this, keep laminates pressed between two plyboards sot that they can be flattened completely.

Reason 3: Uneven or unsmooth corners

Make sure that there remains no fine cracks or hair-line cracks at the corner. When a laminate is cut using a saw, it makes feeble corners which crack easily. Rub the corners using sandpaper or remark after making a cut-out to smooth the uneven edges. Make sure the saw is sharp enough to cut the laminate.

Reason 4: When there is a cut angle of 90o on laminates, it creates pressure and causes a crack in the laminate.

If the corners are cut at an angle of 90o, it’s uncertain for two edges to meet at one point. One of the two edges might get an elongated cut. Such corners are highly prone to cracks. In order to avoid this, drill a 3 mm diameter hole at the four corners of the cut-out area. Make sure there are no extra cuts at the corners. Rub them with sandpaper after drilling and cutting.

Reason 5: Crack in laminate due to hammering an iron nail

Nails have to be hammered into the laminated wall if you want to hung paintings or pictures. But, the point where nails are hammered into the wall experience immense pressure, leading to cracks. Instead of hammering, choose drilling to avoid cracks.

For drilling, use round drills only.

For your help, all these precautions are mentioned on the Advance Decorative Laminate Company packing paper sheet. Read all these points carefully and apply the laminates accordingly. If all these precautions are followed while laminate installation, these problems can be avoided.

Use of laminates can enhance the overall appearance of any establishment be it a school, a college, an office or a house, and creates hyper-realistic complex designs.


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We already create the most robust Decorative Laminates you can buy. But we also back it up with the pledge that our laminates will stay free from manufacturing defects or we’ll replace it. We offer 15-year, 20-year, 25-year and 30-year warranties for Laminate products used in your home.

Warranty will be void in the following circumstances

  • The original bill duly filled not obtained from the selling merchant.
  • The original purchase bill is not granted to the service personnel at the time of repairs.
  • The product is not purchased from an authorized dealer.
  • The product is not connected, used and managed according to directions given in the instruction manual. (The product has an instruction in catalogue clearly specifying the procedure of installation, care & maintenance and purpose of usage. These same guidelines are also mentioned on the website of the company).