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Difference Between Laminates And Veneers

Laminate is made of multi-layered artificial floor board using high-density fibre, melamine resin or wood particles whereas veneer are slits of natural wood debarked from wood logs that give an actual finish of natural wood.

Laminates have a layer of appliqué on top which is protected with a defensive layer. Whereas veneers is applied on plywood board that looks like real wood.

Laminates are cheaper than veneers while also being resistant to scratches; they are durable and easy to clean than plywood. Their coating layers are protective unless kept in water for a longer time. Veneer is a little expensive than laminates. They are durable and have a richer and more varied look.

Laminated are durable for 10-20 years and come with a maker’s guarantee of 10 years. They last longer in comparison with veneers. Wood veneer is soft and more prone to scratched and dents in comparison to laminates.

Laminate is a polished or printed surface where different patterns can be printed resembling to wood or any other texture. Veneer is slit from wood logs meaning they cannot be printed and are consistent and same for as long as they last.

Laminates can be used for furnishing the house, as a flooring material, in the kitchen for cabinets whereas veneers are good to be used as desk pads or coasters to protect the surface while giving you a natural wooden look that you desire.

If your laminate damages or dents with time, you can change it any day where as if a veneer damages, you have to install a new piece of similar wood veneer that matches your surface or you can remove the complete veneer and install a new one if the one attached earlier does not match the new piece of wood veneer. This may affect the cost of you product as veneers are costlier than laminates.

There are different types of laminates available such as decorative laminates, industrial laminates, matt finish laminates, digital laminates, glossy finish laminates, metallic finish laminates, texture finish laminates and solid color laminates. Veneers are available in many patterns and wood grains depending on the wood log and the quality of log.

Laminates are most commonly used for exteriors finishes in a home that gives a decorative look whereas veneers can only be used indoors to make your furniture look decorative. Veneers are not water resistant so avoid them for exteriors. They are not heat proof as well which makes them a bad choice for installing them on the outdoors.

You can choose both laminates and veneers at once for your interiors but make sure to cover your plywood with a laminate to give your interiors an astonishing look that amazes the eyes of the viewers. Choosing veneers will give you a more natural look but laminates can be customized in multiple patterns and designs while they can also be installed in your exteriors. Give yourself a try and visit Advance Laminates on [email protected] to check out a vast variety of laminates and plywood. You can also call us on +91-9821698171 , 0120-4021709 for more information.

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