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Home And Office Ideas On A Budget- Decorative Laminates To The Rescue!

Versatile materials like laminates give a beautiful finish to any kind of interior. In fact, laminates are also used to enhance the look and quality of wooden furniture as well other structures made out of wood. Interior designers, architects and home owners stay dependent on laminates to create interesting decor.

Here are four design ideas with decorative laminates to create beautiful home or office decor:

decorative laminates

Modifying the look and feel of cabinets

Look at the traditional wood grain design with a different perspective. Don’t just pain or polish the structure, but use laminates to cover them us. Since laminates are available in a wide range of designs and patterns, you can choose the colour which you like the most. Try installing laminates in different directions and colour combinations to create a unique pattern.

Mix and match

Mix and match contrasting hues to make a style statement. For example, bold solid colours in combination with neutral laminates produce an interesting effect. You can use the pattern on the wardrobe or kitchen cabinets as well as other places like interior walls to personalise your décor.

Perfect finishing material

Whether you are planning to work on wall panels, modular cabinets and shelves, you can choose laminates as finishing material. In fact, laminates are also good to enhance the appeal of your wooden dining table. Not only it acts like a decorative material, but also enhances the strength of the article it is applied on.

Create a focal point with laminates

If you want a feature wall, use laminates. Integrate subtle details like groovelines on the wall to intrigue onlookers. No boring walls and ceilings when you have laminates to add a splash of colour to your interior.

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