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Decorative Laminates – For Home Décor That’s As Unique As You

Planning home décor in urban India isn’t easy. It requires considering various aspects to match the taste and style preferences of each member of the family – from the youngest to the oldest. While people pay attention to personality and taste, incorporating the trends to match family’s lifestyle often gets overlooked.

Decorative Laminates

This happens due to the busy schedules that people have nowadays and the limited time they get to work on their home décor. Mostly, families get an idea from interior magazines which are product-oriented, not trend-oriented. The modern trend is all about sustainable living and creating a beautiful space using products that do not cost much.

Laminates, made from resins and paper, are products which provide a cost-effective home decor solution to Indian residents and complement their lifestyle as well. Often known as sunmica, laminates help create attractive surfaces, resistant from wear and tear thus retaining their charm for several years. In addition, they are easier to maintain and do not require costly repairs in the long run.

Why Laminates?

  • Features to admire

Laminates are preferred over other materials because of its certain traits – they are created to be temperature resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, ensure outstanding durability, remain scratch resistant and look beautiful for generations.

  • Unlimited design options

From printing patterns to colorful art work, decorative laminates are available in several designs and prints to complement every style and taste. Innovations in the laminate industry offers endless design patterns, colors and textures to create a unique décor without burning a hole in the pocket. To replace costly veneers, there are real wood feel laminates too.

  • Multiple applications

While furniture items make the best use of laminates, other areas can also be adorned using the material. For instance, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, stair risers, headboards, inside back of staircases for an appealing backdrop, on floor, and any wooden structure get the perfect style enhancement using laminates. Furthermore, bold patterns and graphics make a solid style statement.

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