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Coronavirus and Home Office Hacks – Easy Tips to make working from home

The Coronavirus pandemic, COVID 19 outbreak has caused serious injury to every working sector, hence compelled almost all firms to deploy work from home practice for all the employees. Many may be used to this, others may find it very frustrating and they may lose their excitement in work.

In India, in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, first schools and malls shut down across the country and to further curb the situation, businesses started asking employees to Work From Home where it is possible.

To make most of your work from home easy, make sure to follow these important points that may be beneficial for you.

Create a workspace in your house that is conducive for work from home

Work in a room behind a closed door is an ideal choice while selecting the best workspace for work from home. A clean and tidy room improves concentration and productivity. A proper desk and ergonomic work chair can help to reduce the risk of backache.

Try to be productive but don’t expect from day 1

Don’t expect to be super-productive from day 1, rather schedule your work. Do the toughest tasks in the morning and calls in the afternoon and by evening make sure to do the remaining lite tasks before making per day report. 5 mins after working for a continuous 25 mins would relax your mind. Listening background sound on your speaker helps your focus.

Plan your workflow

In order to make the workflow go smooth, you need to prioritise your projects and schedule time slots. Avoid being multi-tasking and frequent switching as it is a productivity killer.

Avoid Social media distractions

Social media distractions are deadly productivity killers while working from home. In your laptop or desktop browser, remove all the social media extensions and switch off all the notifications.

Stay committed to your timings and deliverables

You must remember, you are earning a salary in the work from home situation. Keep your focus primarily on timings and deliverables. Never compromise your professional respect, else may lose your job.

Avoid excessive conversation at home

To be focussed at work, you must avoid excessive conversation at home as it may hamper your work schedule and reducing your regular performance. Take some time for self-evaluation to make things go smooth and steady.

Last but not least – Balance your lifestyle at home

Make sure to follow rules and boundaries to protect your personal life from work as any single negligence may hamper your work from the home strategy.

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